January 14, 2017

Halal Food in Bangkok (part 3) - Surau and Halal Restaurants at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Went to Bangkok recently and the city surprised me yet again.

Because Suvarnabhumi Airport is so Muslim-friendly! I found halal restaurants and prayer rooms there. Noticed the 's'? Yeah.. there are more than one! Not sure whether they are new or they've been there since forever but I did not notice it before. But anyway, I am so happy with this finding!

I flew with MAS and we landed at around 1 am. Past the immigration (OMG the queue was so long even at that hour!), it was almost 2 am already.

There is one prayer room at Level 3 so I went there to perform my Isyak prayer and since I need to wait at the airport to get to my next destination, I decided to sleep there and wait for Subuh.

Surau at Level 3 before passport control

Other than this prayer room, there are also a number of prayer rooms inside the airport after the immigration. I went to the one in front of the lounges at Concourse E and it is pretty big.

Surau at Level 3 after passport control (Concourse E)

 female praying area

ablution area

As for the restaurants; before passport control, there is one halal food stall at the food court, Magic Food Point. 
The food court is located next to Gate 8 at Level 1, and it opens 24 hours. 

Turn left as you enter the food court past the coupon counter to get to the stall. It is rather hidden if you don't see the signboard.

The price is reasonable as I think the food court caters to the airport staff.

After passport control, you can find one halal restaurant at Level 3 Concourse B, Halah. 

Too bad it was closed as it was still too early in the morning.

Based on the information in front of the prayer room, there is one halal restaurant at Level 4 Concourse F but I couldn't find it.


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