December 2, 2018

Road to Everest Base Camp

Today, I am on a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal for my next adventure, trekking to the Everest Base Camp!!

I may or may not achieve my dream to set foot on the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. Well.. I am confident about my fitness level. The only thing I am nervous about is the AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) cos it can affect anyone, even the superfit person.

The journey to reach the Everest Base Camp will take at least 11 days to complete on a 130km round-trip. Doesn't sound so far right? But the trip is broken down overall into 9 days of long trekking and 2 short trekking acclimatization days due to the steep rise of altitude.

Wish me luck guys!!


Wrote this but forgot to publish hahahahhaha.

So now I am back! Albeit feeling under the weather cos Nepal was very dusty and cold brrrrrrr. Managed to complete the EBC trek and summited the Kala Patthar (5,550m) where I got to see closeup view of Mount Everest. Alhamdulillah!!

do you know which one is Everest?

Another bucketlist crossed this year yeayyy!!!

October 26, 2018

Walking around London

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Just noticed that I have this post in my draft hahaha (uploaded the photos but haven't written anything yet). This trip was wayyyy back in 2014. I almost forgot its details.. but let's see what I remember, with some help of the Internet of course!

So it was Boxing Day today! I definitely went crazy shopping at Primark and Selfridges. One thing I noticed was that there's a lot of Malaysians in London! Everywhere I turned on Oxford Streets I saw Malaysians! I was confused for a while.. am I in Bukit Bintang or London hahahaha.

Done shopping (I wanted to shop more but it's only my fourth day into this trip and I'd be going to Spain and France later), I walked around the city.

Just nearby Primark is this Marble Arch.

Marble arch

Designed in 1827, it used to be the triumphal gateway to Buckingham Palace. However it was later moved to its current site at the northeast corner of Hyde Park. Historically, only members of the Royal Family as well as the Royal Horse Artillery and the King's Troop could pass through the arch but today, anyone can freely walk through the arches.

Nearest station: Marble Arch on Central Line (Red)

From there, I decided to go to the Buckingham Palace, walking through Hyde Park, Piccadilly and the Green Park.

there's Hard Rock Café at this building

Came across this bicycle hire. I actually wanted to try it but I was afraid I couldn't find a docking point to return the bike. I don't want simple things to become a hassle so walking it is! I remember thinking it'd be great if Malaysia also has this kind of bicycle hire. We do have it now in Kuala Lumpur but panas la pulak kan to cycle in the city haha. 

Passed by a few memorials, fountains and statues..

Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park

The Bomber Command Memorial commemorates those who died while serving in the Bomber Command during the Second World War.

It was a calm and peaceful walk (I guess everybody was busy shopping) before reaching the palace.

Nearest station: Green Park on Piccadilly (Dark blue), Victoria (Blue) or Jubilee (Grey) Line,
Hyde Park Corner on Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue)

The Buckingham Palace.

Actually nothing much to do here except take in the view of the palace and the immense Victoria statue in the circle out front cos you cannot go in and there's also no changing of the guard ceremony at the time.

Victoria memorial

Would come again sometime for the State Rooms tour. As for the changing of the guard ceremony, I managed to watch it earlier this year but I'll save it for another post.

Refer here for info on Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Nearest station: Green Park on Piccadilly (Dark blue), Victoria (Blue) or Jubilee (Grey) Line

Wandering around, I reached the Horse Guards.

Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards is the home to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment who provide the Queen's guard and escort on state occasions. There's also a museum here.

There's a small ceremony going on but I'm not really sure what it was. Perhaps it is the mounted sentries change.

When to Watch
1. Changing of The Queen’s Life Guard at 11:00am (10:00am on Sunday)
2. Two mounted sentries guard the entrance to Horse Guards on Whitehall from 10:00am until 4:00pm.
These are changed every hour.
3. Dismounted parade of the guard at 4:00pm. Thereafter, two dismounted sentries on duty until 8:00pm.

Nearest station: Westminster on Circle (Yellow), or District (Green) Line,
 Charing Cross on Bakerloo (Brown) or Northern (Black) Line

Continued walking for a while before taking the tube back to my hostel. I need to pack my things! Would be going to the airport before midnight for my flight to Seville, Spain early in the morning tomorrow.

some random building in the city

Will be back soon London!

October 22, 2018

Hiking at Bukit Dinding

I gained weight since raya. And FML, it is so hard to lose the fat and get back to my pre-raya weight T_T

Thus, I am adding hiking into my weekend plan in order to get rid of the damn fat, and also as a preparation for my upcoming adventure. #nervous

I'm too lazy to drive to Bukit Gasing, Bukit Kiara, Kota Damansara Community Forest etc.
I hiked Bukit Tabur behind my house once, but it is currently closed for hiking since there have been some fatal incidents.

Luckily, there's another hill nearby.

Hello Bukit Dinding.

Standing at 291m, it is among the highest hills in Kuala Lumpur. Located in Wangsa Maju, it is less than 10 minutes away from my house. I see it everyday on my way to work on the Middle Ring Road 2. But shamefully I never knew the hill's name, let alone knew that we could hike it. Until I saw my friends 'checking in' there for hiking.

It is easy to find the trail head. Just look for the coconut shake stall on the roadside. The trail head is just next to the stall. Or you can head to Kompleks Sukan Setiawangsa. From there, just drive straight about 1km until you see this coconut shake stall.

I'm joining to check in.

The trail is rather easy cos you're actually hiking on a concrete and tarmac road all the way to the summit where two telecommunication towers are located. The road is very steep at the beginning but for most of the way, it is a steady climb.


The whole hill used to be a rubber plantation and there are trees still standing, all the way to the summit. You'll be surprised to see that the rubber trees are still being tapped on for the latex.

Views from the summit is blocked by trees and there's only telecommunication towers so there's nothing much to do up there.

litters on the summit left by stupid people

views you can see on the way up

Checking on my Garmin, total distance to the summit is around 2.5km, and completing one loop (up and down) takes less than an hour for average pace. A good work out for beginners and intermediate hikers.

Coconut shake to quench my thirst after a good sweat.

In case it is too easy for you, there is a trail leading off from the road but I saw no one went for it (perhaps cos there's a notice that it is for mountain bike).

Found this map. Maybe I will try the trails someday.

Some checkpoints.

Not sure what are their purposes, maybe it is for the mountain biking activities or the Bukit Dinding Challenge/Ultra Marathon.

Go register if you're up for the challenge (I know I'm not that crazy hahaha).

October 18, 2018

Robot Restaurant @ Tokyo

Have you ever heard of the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo?

I first gotta know about it a few years ago from a blog. It's a cabaret-style show with flashy dancers, robots and monsters fighting and dancing together, multi-colored laser lights, and a whole lot of things that you will only find in Japan. 

Kabukicho is the perfect spot to check out Tokyo nightlife. It's the entertainment and red light district in Shinjuku. And home to the Robot Restaurant.

The entrance tickets are rather expensive. But I read reviews on numerous websites and most said it was fun. Ok la.. one day I must go and watch it. The only problem is that, I always travel solo so it is kinda sad la to watch it alone hahahaha. Thus, it was never in my priority of things to do whenever I visited the metropolis.

On my recent summer trip to climb Mount Fuji, my sister was with me so I used my authority as the self-appointed trip leader to include Robot Restaurant in our itinerary. She didn't have any idea what the show is about but I managed to convince her to go with me. I just told her, it's gonna be fun!

I bought our tickets in advance from Klook. Found cheaper deals on JAPANiCAN but the dates that I wanted was sold out. We chose the earliest show at 4pm as it was cheaper than the later shows.

After redeeming our online tickets at the restaurant reception counter (don't be fooled into thinking that it is a normal restaurant), we were ushered to the waiting hall.  

My jaw dropped to the floor. Look at this!

So fancy! Gold chairs and tables and colorful LED lights. Feels like I am in Vegas hahaha.

About 10 minutes later, we were ushered to the stage area. Even the path to the stage area was fascinating with colorful decorations and lights.

We got front row! Not sure whether I bought the tickets early or what, but I don't think so cos I just bought a couple of days before the show. I guess the third party helped secure the best seats for everyone.

So yes. There are flashy dancers, robot fighting and dancing together, multi-colored laser lights and many more.

There are intermissions between shows and during these times, you can buy snacks and drinks, although I think they are very pricey. 

The show is ridiculous but it was totally fun! To be honest, I didn't understand much of what I watched (there is a storyline but you won't understand it either haha) but one thing for sure, we were laughing throughout the show. It may be touristy but the show is really like no other, a unique out-of-this-world experience.

Next time you visit Tokyo and wanna have some fun, go watch it.

Show time : 4pm, 5.55pm, 7.50pm, 9.45pm
Entrance fee: 8000 yen per person
(book through third party such as Klook or JAPANiCAN or through their website to get discounted tickets)
Tel: +81-3-3200-5500
Access: About 8-10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station