August 27, 2019

JJCM : Wagyu Kokoro Halal Yakiniku @ Kota Damansara

Guysss!!! If you miss Japan and feels like eating Japanese BBQ, there's a place to satisfy your cravings in Kota Damansara.

Wagyu Kokoro Halal Yakiniku is Muslim-owned and Halal-certified so Muslim customers need not worry. 

The restaurant serves premium quality Japanese wagyu beef grade A4 to A5. No idea which one to choose? The Japanese beef grading system gives wagyu beef a grade from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5, the highest. This is all based on factors like its fat color, meat color, ribeye shape, size of ribeye area, and its marbling. 

A5 is highly recommended but of course it comes with a steep price. But once in a while, try it! 

What I had. 

 Economist Set

Single Wagyu Set

The staff helped me with the first few cuts, showing how to grill the perfect wagyu steak.

Even though the sets come with A4 beef, it's still sooo good!! Succulent and yummy!

But next visit, I'll definitely go with their A5. I've tasted A5 in Japan and it was the best meal I've ever had in the country.

Chicken Yakitori

Wagyu Kokoro Spicy Ramen

The chicken yakitori and ramen (comes with the Single Wagyu Set) was delish as well.


If you're planning to come for dinner, it's best to reserve seats in advance as the two-floor restaurant can be full. 

Wagyu Kokoro Halal Yakiniku
Address: B1-1-7, Jalan Teknologi 2/1C, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
(5 minutes walk from MRT Kota Damansara)
Contact: +603 6150 8814 or +6010 2653690 (WhatsApp)
Opening hours: Lunch 12pm - 3pm, Dinner 6pm - 11pm (closed on Monday)
Facebook: Wagyu Kokoro
Instagram: @wagyu_kokoro

July 25, 2019

Everest Base Camp : Day 11 - Monjo to Lukla

Last day of hiking!

On my first day in the Himalayas, I said it was the easiest cos the trail was mostly downhill. No prize for guessing, we're hiking uphill all the way to Lukla today. So yeah... my last day became one of the hardest day on the trek.

Despite having adequate rest and oxygen, my body has exhausted all the energy and my muscles were sore from the last ten days of hiking. I was really tired, dragging one foot forward with frequent rest stops. Or maybe I was dragging myself cos deep down, I don't want to leave this beautiful place.

We trekked through the beautiful forest. Nature was more diverse than a few days ago.

Then, it's lunch time at Thado Koshi, with a view of Mount Kusum Kanguru (6,367 metres) at the back.

Mount Kusum Kanguru peak

my staple food on the trek - potatoes and vege for lunch

The trail was rather steep at the end, this last bit of elevation is killing me. But the best thing on the trek is that everybody is so supportive of each other. Other groups that leapfrogged me keep on saying, "Let's go! Just a little bit more."

When we finally reached Lukla, I couldn't contain my excitement. Debbie and I hugged each other. We've successfully completed the 130km trek! I've completed the Everest Base Camp trek! Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for the experience. This trip is definitely a life-changing adventure. 

candle lit dinner

After walking around Lukla for a little bit, we checked in at Paradise Lodge and had dinner. While enjoying our meals and happily reflecting our journey, the electricity for the whole town went off. Candle lit dinner then! Paid Dinesh and thanked him for his help, we bid goodbye.

I'm flying back to Kathmandu early in the morning tomorrow. Mission accomplished.

Elevation at Monjo:  2,855 m
Elevation at Lukla:  2,860 m
Elevation change: -50 m
Distance: 7 km
Duration:  7 hours

Amount spent:
Breakfast - Rs 380
Lunch - Rs 480
Dinner - Rs 480
Night stay at Paradise Lodge, double room - Rs 500
Porter fee - Rs 13000
Total = Rs 14840

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July 23, 2019

Everest Base Camp : Day 10 - Pangboche to Monjo

I had a chat with the lodge owner over breakfast. She first asked me where I came from. Upon hearing Malaysia, she was so excited cos she's been to the country before. She went on telling me that during low season, she would go travel and also visit her son who's studying in Melbourne. Wow.. this teahouse business is really good.

leaving Pangboche

We left Pangboche at 8am. Gotta start early today as we're gonna descend further down to Namche Bazaar, and if we're early, we'll press on to Monjo. 

We descended and crossed the river, and then walked uphill again. I thought it would be easy at this point, cos we're going down the mountain, but my muscles were still tired. Took a quick rest at Tengboche to recharge before the steep descend to the bottom of the valley.

I'm so gonna miss this view

Passing by hikers on their way up, I understood their miserable tired face. I had been in the exact same situation, stopping at every turn on my way up before. Later on, I met Ali. What a surprise! I haven't seen him and his clients since Phakding. He was surprised to learn that I have a porter now. Told him my situation and he said I made the right decision. Don't risk your life on the mountain.

 sherpas bringing up construction material

 descending to Phunke Tenga

Ama Dablam is loveeee

Then it's time to go up again to Namche Bazaar. We stopped for lunch at Kyangjuma (3,600 metres), and reached Namche at 3pm.

hashed brown with fried eggs for lunch

reaching Namche

yaks ready to work

We are now 1,725 metres lower than the day before, and my lungs were happily filled with oxygen again. Namche is the same like a week ago. The streets were busy and there were a lot of trekkers, and all the shops were open. And it was warm. I bought souvenirs and changed my emergency USD cash to pay Dinesh when we arrive in Lukla and finish this trek.

Half an hour later, we continued trekking. Another steep descend coming. When we were on the high suspension bridge, I had another nostalgic moments. This adventure is really coming to an end. I'm gonna miss all these suspension bridges. As much as I wanted to finish this trek, I love it here. And I love all these bridges however scary they are.

 looking down from the high suspension bridge

i look horrible but who cares

We finally returned to the lowlands after the last steep descend back to the valley. The remaining trail was very relaxing along the Dudh Kosi river. 

Dudh Kosi river

Passed the last check point for the day at the Sagarmatha National Park entrance and reached Mount Kailash Lodge at almost sunset. Yay!!

hashbrown with fried egg again for dinner

Elevation at Pangboche:  3,985 m
Elevation at Monjo:  2,855 m
Elevation change:  -1,130 m
Distance: 23 km
Duration:  9 hours

Amount spent:
Breakfast - Rs 480
Lunch - Rs 750
Dinner - Rs 670
Night stay at Mount Kailash Lodge, double room - Rs 500
Souvenirs - Rs 300
Total = Rs 2700

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July 22, 2019

Everest Base Camp : Day 9 - Gorakshep to Kala Patthar to Pangboche

-20°C. That's how cold Gorakshep in the wee hours of the morning. And I am going to brave that cold to climb up Kala Patthar for the sunrise. Debbie and Ken decided to skip this as they were already happy reaching the Everest Base Camp yesterday. As for me, Kala Patthar offers the best views of Mount Everest and the surrounding peaks, and I've come this far so why not go all out?

Kala Patthar stands at 5,550 metres so this is the highest altitude I would be reaching on the EBC trek. And perhaps, in my lifetime too.

With our headlamps on, Dinesh and I stepped outside. I glanced at my watch. 4.45am. It's pitch black and cold, and the winds were howling. For a second, I considered getting back to my bed.

I saw trails of lights going up the sandy hill, marking out the path to the summit. Braving the cold, biting winds, we took our steps slowly. It's a long way up but thankfully, hiking in the dark where you couldn't see the inclined maze took the mental stress off me. But there's another stress. I couldn't open my eyes as the gust of wind blew sands everywhere. I couldn't feel my face as well.

Approaching the peak, the terrain was rocky. Scrambling over boulders and after what feels like forever, we reached the summit of Kala Patthar in one hour and a half. I was surprised with my speed. The winds certainly didn't allow me to take long rest stops.

Standing atop the peak, the view was amazing! The hike was so worth it. If you're doing the EBC trek, do not miss this hike guysss.

unobstructed view of the highest mountain on earth

Everest seemed so near

It was sooooooo cold up there we couldn't stay long. We were freezing. 20 minutes. And we decided it's time to head down.

Gorakshep as seen coming down from Kala Patthar

We raced back to the teahouse and by 8am, I was already having breakfast like a champion. Enjoying my meal, it occurred to me that my adventure is coming to an end. Oh what now?!

Then I quickly packed my stuffs, paid my bills and got ready for the return trek to Lukla.

Dinesh and I started to descend around 9am. Debbie, Ken and Amin went down earlier. Leaving Gorakshep, we had to climb over the Khumbu Glacier once again. Today, I don't know where will I spend the night yet. Most hikers overnight at Pheriche, a village near Dingboche, but I kept my options open. It's gonna be a long day ahead.

leaving Gorakshep. That's Kala Patthar, with mount Pumori (7,161 metres) in the background

looking back to the trail going up to Gorakshep

Gorakshep to Lobuche took us about two hours. Crossing over Dughla Pass and hiking downhill, I saw two people riding horses. What the hell?! Apparently there are trekking companies that offer horse riding trek to Everest Base Camp. Oh well...

We reached Dughla just in time for lunch. Carbo-loading time.

same lunch like before

From Dughla, instead of hiking through the plateau back to Dingboche, we detoured down the valley into Pheriche (4,266 metres). We were on the easy part of the trek. I was speeding down, the kilometres were just passing by like crazy.

Toilet pit stop.

The inside usually looks like this.

always bring toilet roll with you

It's only 3pm so we decided to go down further to Pangboche. Past Pheriche, the trail requires a fair bit of climbing to the crest.

Slowly making my way up, I heard someone called my name from behind. I turned around, and was surprised to see Amin. And then Debbie and Ken emerged from the corners. They were shocked to see me too. Either I was really fast or they took a longggggg lunch break.

They've decided to press on and overnight in Pangboche too. Together, we hiked down and arrived in Pangboche just before dark. Thank God. I wasn't ready for night hiking.


spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese for dinner

But the best part of the day? I had my first shower in over a week!!! Hahaha. The last time I showered was in Monjo, on the first day of the trek. Until you've gone more than seven days without showering, you cannot imagine how good it felt. Couldn't imagine my busukness too. But on other days I used wet wipes to get me clean so I'm still ok la.

Elevation at Gorakshep:  5,165 m
Elevation at Kala Patthar:  5,550 m
Elevation at Pangboche: 3,985 m
Sleeping elevation change:  -1,180 m
Day's elevation change:  -1,565 m
Distance: 21 km
Duration: 12 1/2 hours

Amount spent:
Breakfast - Rs 500
Lunch - Rs 600
Dinner - Rs 675
Night stay at Highland Sherpa Resort, double room with attached bathroom - Rs 1000
Total = Rs 2775

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