April 12, 2015

EuroTrip Cost

I got a lot of enquiries from my friends about my EuroTrip; the cost, the itinerary, where to go, where to sleep etc. So I'm gonna share it here for your reference. 

Here's how much I spent for my 3 weeks-trip. The cost could be reduced if I booked earlier or bought the Spain Rail Pass but yeah.. that's the price I had to pay for being so impromptu. 

Duration : 23 Dec 2014 ~ 11 January 2015  (20 days)
Exchange rate GBP 1 ~ RM 5.47
Exchange rate EUR 1 ~ RM 4.26  (bloodyhell I checked the rate has gone down to 3.9 today T_T)


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • ERL to KLIA - RM 35
  • Flight KL - London (Malaysia Airlines) - RM 2729
  • Taxi from KLIA - RM 94
Total = RM 2858

  • Oyster card - GBP 20
  • Top up Oyster card - GBP 40
  • Train from Euston to Manchester - GBP 18
  • Train from Manchester to Euston - GBP 18
  • Train from London Paddington to Oxford - GBP 30.30
  • Bus from Oxford to Bicester Village - GBP 5
  • Train from Bicester North to Marylebone  - GBP 27.40
  • Return shuttle to Harry Potter studios - GBP 2
  • Flight RyanAir to Seville + Bus from London Victoria to Stansted - GBP 143.80
Total = GBP 304.50  ( ~ RM 1665 )

  • Airport bus to Santa Justa Train Station - EUR 4
  • Bus to Prado San Sebastian - EUR 1.40
  • Bus to Santa Justa Station - EUR 1.40
  • Train from Seville to Granada - EUR 29.55
Total = EUR 36.35

  • Bus from Granada Train Station to hostel - EUR 1.20
  • C3 bus to Alhambra - EUR 1.20
  • C3 bus to City Centre - EUR 1.20
  • LAC bus to Granada Train Station - EUR 1.20
  • Train from Granada to Cordoba - EUR 39.30
Total = EUR 44.10

  • Taxi from Cordoba Train Station to Le Mezquita - EUR 5
  • Taxi from Le Mezquita to Cordoba Train Station - EUR 6
  • Train from Cordoba to Madrid - EUR 64.30
Total = EUR 75.30

  • Metro from Madrid Train Station to SOL Station - EUR 1.50
  • Madrid Metro 1-day Tourist Pass - EUR 8.40  
  • Madrid Metro 1-day Tourist Pass - EUR 8.40 
  • Train from Madrid to Barcelona - EUR 110.40
Total = EUR 128.70

  • Metro T10 card - EUR 9.95 
  • Cable car to Montjuic - EUR 7.80
  • Flight RyanAir to Paris - EUR 119.33
Total = EUR 137.08

Total = EUR 421.53  ( ~ RM 1795 )

Paris, France
  • Airport Bus to City Centre - EUR 17
  • Metro - EUR 1.80 x 6 trips = EUR 10.80
  • Train to Disneyland (return) - EUR 16.80
  • Train to Versailles (return) - EUR 6.90
  • Eurostar to London - EUR 43
Total = EUR 94.50  ( ~ RM 402 )

Total transportation costs = RM 6720

  • London - Astor Queensway Hostel : GBP 60 for 3 nights
  • Granada - Granada Inn Backpackers : EUR 32 for 2 nights
  • Cordoba - Osio Backpackers : EUR 13 per night
  • Madrid - Toc Hostel Madrid : EUR 51.80 for 2 nights
  • Barcelona - Fabrizzio's Petit : EUR 32 for 2 nights
  • Paris - St. Christopher's Inn Gare du Nord : EUR 65.70 for 3 nights
  • London - Astor Queensway Hostel : GBP 80 for 4 nights
Total = GBP 140 ( ~ RM 766 ) & EUR 194.50 ( ~ RM 829 )

Total accommodation costs = RM 1595


UK = GBP 63.94 ( ~ RM 350 )

Seville = EUR 3.55 
Granada = EUR 1.60
Cordoba = EUR 8
Madrid = EUR 9.70
Barcelona = EUR 18.98
Total = EUR 41.83 ( ~ RM 180 )

* I saved a lot on meals in Spain cos most of the hostels provided breakfast and croissants so I usually had heavy breakfast and tapau-ed the croissants for lunch (cheapskate alert .. hahaha)

Paris, France  = EUR 32.94 ( ~ RM 140 )

Total meals cost = RM 670


Old Trafford Stadium Tour  - GBP 19
Harry Potter Studio - GBP 33
River Thames cruise - GBP 9.50
Tower Bridge - GBP 9
Total = GBP 70.50 ( ~ RM 386 )

Alhambra + Fund. R. Acosta - EUR 17.40

Le Mezquita - EUR 8
Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos - EUR 4.50

Palacio Real - EUR 11

Parc Guell - EUR 8

Total = EUR 48.90 ( ~ RM 208 )

Paris, France
Paris Museum pass 2 days - EUR 42
Disneyland - EUR 65

Total = EUR 107 ( ~ RM 456 )

Total attractions cost = RM 1050


EE Pay as you go Data pack - GBP 5
Orange simcard - EUR 10
Locker @ Santa Justa train station - EUR 3.10
Locker @ St. Christopher's Inn Gare du Nord hostel = EUR 3 x 2 nights = EUR 6

Total = GBP 5 ( ~ RM 27.35 ) & EUR 19.10 ( ~ RM 81.40 )

Total miscellaneous costs = RM 108.75

GRAND TOTAL = RM 10143.75

This does not include my shopping escapades and souvenirs.. don't want to list them here cos the damage was too big ;p

But generally a fridge magnet cost about EUR 2 in Spain, you can get it cheaper about EUR 1.80 if you walk away from the main tourist sites. In London the fridge magnet cost about GBP10 for 6 pieces.

March 28, 2015

A decade

Just realized that this month marks my 10th year on blogger and being a blogger. 

I started blogging out of boredom. Just finished my last paper on my final semesters, and spending times with friends embracing our last days in university. Don't bother looking for my old contents cos they were (mostly) craps and thus, I've deleted them long time ago to save myself from embarrassments. hahaha... 

Anyway, it also means it has been 10 years since I graduated from university! I feel so old! Tidakkkkkk!!!! *checks fine lines and wrinkles in front of the mirror*

Which also explains the lack of update on this blog. Age is catching up on me.. T____T
I have a lot to write about my trips to Thailand, Laos, Japan, Singapore, Japan again and Europe. But I just don't have the time. Well sometimes I have the time but I guess I just want to have a good rest. Wish I can write it all cos it would be a good reference for me in the future. 

How do you motivate yourself to be a good blogger? 

February 7, 2015

Glory Glory Man United

One of the first things that came to my mind after I bought the flight ticket to UK was to watch a match at Old Trafford! I am a Manchester United fan yo! A loyal one since 1995. Fuhh~~ kagum dengan diri sendiri hahaha

It all started with my crush over David Beckham. Well tell me who wasn't? Because of him, I started following MU's news and stuff and slowly, my love for the team grew over the years.

I became a loyal supporter cos even after Beckham left for Real Madrid in 2003, my allegiance stayed with the club until now. *pats own shoulder*

So I began looking at their website for match ticket information. Two home games were scheduled during my period of travel;
1. vs Newcastle on Boxing Day
2. vs Southampton on 11th Jan

BUT!! Both of the games' tickets were sold out! T___T

So my only way to be inside the Old Trafford was to join the Stadium Tour. Check out Manchester United's official website for more details.

Took an early morning train from Euston Station to Manchester. The fare I got was GBP 19 for both ways, to and fro. The cheapest for that day. I saw the afternoon fare shot up to GBP 38 per way. Not sure whether it was because of the peak Christmas season or it is the norm.

The journey took about 2 hours with the train passing by some farms. Quite an interesting view.

I was lost for a while once I reached Manchester Piccadilly station. I didn't have a map with me and I only remembered I read somewhere that the stadium is within walking distance from the train station. Tried to look for tourist information centre but there was none.

While I was figuring out which exit to take, luckily I came across a station staff. Got the direction from him thank God. So actually, I had to take a tram from the station (it's the yellow tram, heading to Altrincham), and then stop at Old Trafford station. It's free! Or maybe not, cos I saw a ticketing machine nearby the station. But everybody ignored it I swear. So yeah.. maybe it's free!

You will see Old Trafford stadium right off the station but it is not the one you're heading to. That's a cricket ground. Walk straight for about 10 minutes and you'll reach the Theatre of Dreams.

The Theatre of Dreams. Yeah!! Standing in front of the historic stadium, I couldn't help but felt so proud of my favorite team.  

Three of the finest players of Manchester United; Best, Law and Charlton. The legends.

I booked my ticket prior to coming here to ensure I got the date and time slot that suits my trip. Ticket was GBP 18 plus GBP 1 administration (booking) fee. Showed my booking confirmation at the ticketing counter in exchange for my tour tag.

The tour lasted for about an hour or so, where we were brought to see behind the scenes insight in to the workings of the Club.

 Surprisingly, the stadium was very clean. But perhaps because they were preparing for Boxing Day's match versus the Magpies.

My group's guides, Duncan and Phil were fantastic! Both were very informative, insightful and funny which made the tour more enjoyable. And helpful too, to take pictures of moi. hahaha...

Seats at the Director's Box

Where the players hang out pre and post match. 

The players' tunnel

The pitch. If only I could jump in and roll on the grass.

Managers and Players' seat

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The only downside of the tour is that we didn't get enough free time to roam around the stadium. This is because they need to keep to a strict tour timetable as the tours run at regular intervals.

After the tour, I went to visit the museum. There are exhibits stretching all the way back to the clubs foundation in 1878. There is also a memorial area for the heartbreaking Munich air disaster, the darkest chapter in the club's history.  

And not to forget, the massive collection of trophies. You can have your pictures taken with the Premier League trophy, the 1999 UEFA Champions League trophy and the FA Cup trophy. But damn you have to pay for it so I only had pictures of the trophies from the side T__T

Entrance to the museum is free so if you don't want to spend GBP 18 to enter the stadium, you can spend your time here and at the adjacent Red CafĂ©.

The Munich Tunnel, a permanent memorial for the players who lost their lives in the Munich incident.

 Satisfied fan. Hehe.. 

January 25, 2015

The Euro Trip

I didn't plan to go to Europe this soon. I thought my trip to Japan last October was the last trip of the year for me. But you can't control your life destiny. Some sad things happened to me, so yeah.. I decided to cheer myself up by travelling. 

Which brought to the impromptu buying of the flight ticket to London. 

I only had 3 weeks to spare, and I wasn't keen on speedy travel just to 'been there done that', so I decided to cover only London, Paris and Spain (although it wasn't the best of plan as well cos everything was very last minute).

London's Regent Street on Christmas eve

Big Ben, London

Seville Cathedral, Seville

The Court of the Lions in Alhambra, Granada

The Roman Bridge and Le Mezquita, Cordoba

 Columns of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Royal Palace of Madrid

 Retiro Park, Madrid

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

 Buskers at Port Vell, Barcelona

Port Vell, Barcelona

Montjuic, Barcelona

 Paris as seen from Arc de Triomphe

 Paris Disneyland

 beautiful Eiffel Tower, Paris

 Ice skating rink at Champs-Elysees Christmas market, Paris

 The Louvre, Paris

 Palace of Versailles

Will blog about all of them soon (or whenever I feel rajin). hahahha... 

January 15, 2015

Haul from Paris

Finally.. I did solo backpacking in Europe. Crossed off another items in my bucketlist yeay!!

Anyway, sales was everywhere so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do *wink*

Here's something for you! hehehe...

Check out Never Pay Retail.

I could go crazy shopping during the Boxing Day Sales and the January Sales. Luckily I realized that I only have two hands and couldn't possibly lug everything all by myself.

Oh hey... I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May 2015 brings us joy, peace, love, good fortune... and of course, inspiration to travel around the world!

November 27, 2014

Stay connected while in Japan

How do you stay connected while travelling? Previously, I could live with only WiFi at the hostel/hotel. But these days, I feel like having a #firstworldproblem if my phone does not have any Internet connection on the go.

I need to stay connected. To google something, to check the map or information of the place I'm visiting, to check-in in Swarm. hahaha..

Usually I will buy the country's local SIM card cos the data plan is cheaper, compared to using our telcos' data roaming. But in Japan, it is very difficult for a foreigner to buy local SIM cards. So what choice do I have? For a short trip, say a day or two, I can close my eyes and just turn on the data roaming. But for a week's trip? Hmmm... maybe I should just hide my phone in the bag and get disconnected from the world.

But I knew I couldn't. Thus, I went to SoftBank Global Rental counter to check their plans and services once I landed at the airport.

So here's what you can do to stay connected in Japan:

a) Rent a mobile WiFi Router

b) Rent a SIM card (don't know why but it is ONLY for iPhone)..

c) Rent a smartphone

I already have a smartphone, I brought my tablet, and this time around, I have travel mates! #notsoforeveralone

So the best choice was to rent the mobile WiFi router cos it can connect to multiple devices (up to 10 devices). Meaning you can share it with your travel mates, and share the cost!

The WiFi router's battery lasts for 8 hours. But that's not a big issue to me cos power bank is always to the rescue.

The rental process was easy. You only need to fill in a form and use a credit card. They'll charge a deposit of 20,000 yen but don't worry, it will be credited back once you return the device.

How to use it? Also very easy! Just power on the mobile WiFi router, go to your phone's WiFi setting, find the router's name, key in the password and you're all set!

Here's how much I paid to get connected during my trip recently. 

Rental fee = [1200 yen* x 8 days] = 9600 yen 
* We got discount instead of 1590 yen /day. The longer you rent the device, the cheaper the rental
Administration fee = 315 yen
Total paid = 9915 yen ~ RM307
No. of user : 4

So each of us only paid about RM76 per person for the whole trip (8 days in total). That's about a quarter of the data roaming rate for the same number of days (RM38 x 8 = RM304).  

Very affordable kan? You're welcome. 

November 9, 2014

Skiing in Japan

Winter is coming! Exciting times eh? Christmas.. New Year.. snow..

I don't know about you, but I find there's something special about snow. Nothing can match the magical, romantic allure of an escape to the winter wonderland. Don't mind me.. perhaps I was so engrossed with Winter Sonata. hahaha...

I had my first real snow encounter in Japan. I was charmed and captivated the moment I saw it. The mountain and its surrounding was covered in white. It was breathtaking.

I also had my first ski trip in Japan. At first, I was rather hesitant to plan for the trip cos I had the idea that skiing is an expensive sports. What's more, skiing in Japan. But me being me, I had to try it. It's one of the things in my bucket list! So I thought, screw it. I'm gonna splurge this one time to cross skiing off the list.

The trip

My Japanese friend told me to check out GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort as it is the most convenient for me to go. It's true! Buy the JR Kanto Area Pass, and add on the GALA Option Ticket, and you'll reach the snowy wonderland in no time.

You can read about the GALA Option Ticket here. At the time of my writing, sales of this ticket have ended but I guess it'll be available again soon when the snow resort re-opens in December.

The GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort is ultra convenient as it has its own Shinkansen train station right at the base of the resort.

 Joetsu Shinkansen

The ride only took about 77 minutes from Tokyo Station.

snow-covered shinkansen track

Once you arrive at the train station, just take the escalator to the upper level and there, you've reached the snow resort! So convenient I tell ya.

The JR Kanto Area Pass entitled me to get special offers at the resort.

I took Special offer 2 so my gondola lift and locker to store my belongings were sorted.

Renting the equipment

With Special offer 2, I was also eligible for a 10% discount on equipment rental. Renting the equipment at the resort was easy.

While I was about to queue for the equipment rental, the friendly staff asked whether I have filled in the rental application form. Looking around, I just realized that everybody was holding a form. Haha.. silly me. Sheepishly, I said no. The staff then directed me to the nearby table and assisted me to fill in the form - what do I need, sizing etc.

I joined the queue later and submitted my rental application form. The staff at the counter double confirmed it, and subsequently prepared my required items - wear, gloves, goggles, skis and ski boots.

Do try out your boots and ensure it is comfortable. This is important as the boot is what connects you to your skis.

 Enrolling in school

I was alone, and I have never skied before. So I did what a noob had to do. Enrol in a school and sign up for a lesson yo! I contacted the snowsports school at the resort to book a spot about a week prior to my departure to Japan. Just to be safe cos it can be full on certain days.

Check out GALA Snowsports School here.

Since I only have a day at the resort, I enrolled in the half day lesson. You can choose whether to have a private instructor or to join a group lesson. Group lesson is cheaper so of course it was my choice.

But I was so lucky that day cos the other person who registered for the group lesson didn't turn up. Since I was the only student, it was like having a private lesson. I got a private instructor at a group lesson's price. Win!

Met my instructor (I actually forgot his name, let's just call him John) at about 9.30 am, and off we went to ride the gondola to the mountain.

Once we reached up there, lesson numero uno was how to choose the ski poles. As what John told me, having the correct ski pole length can take a skier from good to great. Basically, you need to stand in your ski boots, grab the pole holder and your elbow should then be at a 90 degree angle.

We walked out from the gondola station and this was my first view of the snowy slopes.

taken with Canon S100

taken with iphone4

Oh myyyy... I almost cried with happiness. My dream came true.

I could feel the excitement building up in me. Can't wait!!! Hehe..

John explained to me the very basic things like how to use the equipment, step into the skis and how to take it off. Easy peasy.

Then he showed me the basic movements - how to walk in the skis, moving around and we started to practise how to stop in a wedge position as well as how to turn. I passed with flying colors.

Satisfied with my progress, he pointed to the chairlift station and said 'OK let's go up, it's showtime!'.

Grinning from ear to ear, I pushed myself forward with the poles.

Riding the chairlift also needed some lesson as it can be tricky. But timing is everything. As we manoeuvred our way to the front of the queue, the staff gave us the green light into the loading zone after the previous chair passed us by. The resort indicates the stopping points just before and during loading to help us position ourselves for the chair in plenty of time so it was kinda easy.

Just sit down as the chair nudges you in the back of the legs. Lower the retention bar for safety and enjoy the view.

Skiing for beginners

The pistes in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort are divided into Central Area, Northern Area and Southern Area. The Central Area is dedicated to beginners and families so that would be my playground.

John led me to Melody, the 350m beginner slope that is perfect for a warm up or to practise the basics.

We slowly slided down the slope. I did well in balancing myself. Didn't fall, didn't hit a tree, didn't hit other person. John was impressed with my performance so we moved one step higher.

This time around, he upgraded me to Edelweiss, a 1.6km long beginner/intermediate slope.

the narrow trail

The trail was rather scary at first cos it was narrow, and with lots of turns. There's also a winding course past a series of markers so he made me practised going down the hill in a curved kind of zigzag.

Amazingly, I did well ! So proud of myself I think I have a secret talent. hahaha...

Two hours later, my session ended. John told me that I was already good enough to ski on my own. We bid goodbye to each other and I continued practising my skills and playing with the snow. 

Only after John left did I suffer my first fall. Tadi control macho. hahaha.. But it wasn't that bad cos the freshly fallen snow was soft and powdery. 

After a few times on Edelweiss, I also tried the Entertainment, another beginner/intermediate slope. 

ready to go!

Grenoble slope

Sadly, the Central Area closed at 5pm. I would've stayed until night time if I could. But all good things must come to an end so yeah.. went down to the base resort, returned all the equipments and hopped on the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Learn to ski. Checked. 

Overall cost

Skiing in Japan is quite affordable. Here's the breakdown:

JR Kanto Area Pass - 8000 yen
GALA Option Ticket - 1000 yen
Locker + Ski lift - 3000 yen
Gear rental (Ski set, wear, glove, goggle) - 7560 yen
Half-day Ski lesson - 6000 yen
Total = 25560 yen

* Note: The rate is during my trip in February 2014 *

About RM750. Ok la kan? Would be cheaper if you already know how to ski.