August 14, 2012

Sawadee Ka Bangkok! : Halal Food In Bangkok

As soon as I landed in Bangkok, I took the Airport Rail Link from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai station to get to Khaosan area. Reaching Phaya Thai station, I initially followed a group of foreigners as they were also heading to Khaosan. Backpackers being backpackers, we wanted to save our money as much as possible so they planned to walk to Khaosan. It's quite far but I just agreed with them.

It was definitely a good decision cos as we were walking and looking for direction, I stumbled upon a Muslim restaurant. 

A girl at the restaurant then told me that the area is a Muslim area. She told me there's a mosque nearby and I could find a lot of halal restaurants around here. 

Masjid Darul-Aman

I knew it's gonna be hard finding halal food around Khaosan so I had my dinner there.

Tomyam Fried Rice - 60 Baht

If you wanna go there, take the BTS and stop at Ratchathewi station on Sukhumvit Line. You can see from my map below that it isn't that far.

the mosque and restaurant is at the black arrow

I went there again for a few times whenever I was bored of being a vegetarian. haha...

Fried Kuey Teow - 50 Baht

Anyway, if you go to Chatuchak Weekend Market, don't worry if you get hungry after all those shopping. There's a halal stall in Chatuchak! Good eh?  

This stall is located in Soi 24, Section 16 of the market. Ya I know Chatuchak Market is very big so to make it easy for you, just head to the Clock Tower. The stall is very near to the tower.

 the Clock Tower

Tom Yum Kung - 100 Baht

Pad Thai - 50 Baht

Nom nom nom... Alhamdulillah.

Update (Sept 2015) : New halal places I found in Bangkok --> Part 2


Lavanduleae said...

mahalnya makanan...

rara said...

lavanduleae: yup.. a bit expensive compared to malaysia.. macam double.