May 25, 2012

India : Mumbai eat out & Halal food

I usually make it a point to try out local cuisine wherever I travelled. But honestly, I am not a fan of Indian food. Even in KL, I rarely eat out in mamak joint. I can only accept Naan and Tandoori chicken. Other than that... ermm.. let's just say we don't click.

So when I was in India, I only ate Naan, seafood, McDonald's, maggi.. hahahaha...

There is a cafe in Colaba nearby my hostel which is quite famous. I say famous because everytime I walked in front of it, it was jampacked with locals and tourists alike. During peak hour, you have to queue to get a seat at this Leopold Cafe.

Only after chitchatting with my fellow dorm mates in the hostel I got to know that the cafe was one of the site of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Two terrorists opened fire in the cafe, killing 11 people, including two waiters, and injuring many more.

I had dinner at the cafe with them just to join the hype. Glancing around the jovial atmosphere inside the cafe, it's hard to believe what had happened here before. But if you look closely, you will see the telltale signs of the terror attack. You could well find yourself dining on a table adjacent to a shattered mirror. Another table close to the bar has a crater under it, marking the spot where a grenade once landed. At the entrance to the cafe, a glass panel pierced with bullets has been framed.

One of the bullet marks on the wall.

They are actually preserved, for whatever purpose it is. Perhaps, a metaphor for the open wounds that are yet to heal.

Anyway, I ordered this (I forgot already what it was) but it wasn't that tasty.

It cost me Rs715 together with a drink. T_T

My verdict, I thought the food was just so-so. And they were quite pricey! Maybe the owner was cashing in on terror tourism. Pfftt.

Anyway, here are some of the menus in the cafe and its prices.

Leopold Cafe & Stores
Colaba Causeway
Phone : +91-022-22828185

The best eating spot in Mumbai must be this restaurant.

Yes. Bademiya. It was highly recommended from my travel book. Originally it was located nearby my hostel in Colaba behind the Taj but when I went there, I saw a banner hung at the shop announcing that they had moved to a new location. The new location is on the curve of Horniman Circle, nearby the State Central Library.

Oh yes... IT IS HALAL!!

This is another famous restaurant as they've been featured in numerous local newspapers.

I ordered the Chicken Tikka Biryani, which was undoubtedly mouthwatering.

But their best meal is definitely the kebabs. It was soooo delicious!! Until I forgot to take pictures of it before it made my way into my stomach. 

Too bad I went there on my last day in Mumbai. If not, for sure I would have my meals there everyday cos the price was very reasonable, compared to Leopold. The Chicken Tikka Biryani, Beef kebab and drink cost me only Rs285.

7/8/9, Shop number 6,
Botawala Building,
Horniman Circle, Fort
Phone : 22655657/58/59

Well I guess this shall be my last post on my India trip. I will definitely visit the country again. There's just so many areas I have yet to cover. Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Varanasi, Leh, Goa.. just to name a few.. the country is just so big I think I still cannot cover all areas even if I spend 6 months touring the country.