December 12, 2016

Visa application for Umrah

Umrah season has started.

A few of my friends are there now and seeing their photos makes me missing the Holy land so so much.

So I'd better write about my umrah trip before I forget about it.

First thing first, you need a visa.

These are the items that you need to prepare in advance if you are planning to go for Umrah. 

1. Original passport with more than 6 months validity.

2. 4 photos (4 cm x 6 cm) with white background.
Ladies must wear dark-colored scarf while men cannot wear songkok or kopiah.

3. Copy of mahram documents.
Men aged 18 and above as well as ladies aged 45 and above don't need these mahram documents.

For mahram documents, refer link below.

My dad is my mahram so I just need my Birth Certificate copy for proof of our relationship,
and certify it at JPN as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. ACYW135 meningitis injection book.

You can get this jab at local clinics. I got mine at Klinik Idzham nearby my house for RM165. Some places are cheaper though, it only cost about RM140+ at Ampang Puteri Hospital (only knew about it after I got admitted to the hospital after my trip.. later on that).

 I followed Andalusia Travel & Tours for my trip so after preparing all the items needed, we just submitted the documents to Andalusia and they settled everything for us.

If you plan to go on your own, need to check which travel agents can help you with the visa application as from what I know, only approved travel agent by Saudi Arabia can do this visa application.
Check the list here .

If there's no problem, you can get the visa in less than a week and get ready for your trip :) 

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