October 3, 2015

Gotemba Premium Outlets

If shopping is one of your agenda when planning a trip to Tokyo, consider a trip to Gotemba Premium Outlets. I've been to a number of outlets in Japan (Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, Rinku Premium Outlets and Gotemba Premium Outlets). Among those four, my favorite is Gotemba Premium Outlets.

The outlet mall is located in Gotemba City, which is about 1.5 hours drive from Tokyo.

You see more or less the same stores in all the outlets, internationally known brands of fashion, sports, household goods and electronics etc. But if you're aiming to buy Prada, come here! hahaha. Prada is not available in other outlet malls around Tokyo. :p

♫ Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya.. 

Gotemba City is located at the base of Mount Fuji so on a clear day, you can admire the beautiful mountain while shopping!

The outlet has two zones, West and East Zones. When you get off the shuttle bus, you are at the West Zone area. West and East Zones are connected by the Yume-no-Ohashi Bridge. This is one of the best lookouts for Mount Fuji in Gotemba.

Since I went during winter time, the mountain area was rather foggy. Hence, Fuji-san was hidden T_T

Luckily, the fog cleared for a while later in the afternoon!

Yup.. that's how close Mount Fuji with the outlet mall. This was taken from the bus stop.

My Japanese friend told me that the mall area used to be a large amusement park, the Odakyu Family Land. That explains why suddenly there's a giant ferris wheel behind the mall.

 I didn't ride the ferris wheel but I think it would be fantastic to watch Mount Fuji while riding it, kan? How romantic ;p

Anyway, the outlet also has free WiFi spot at some area and a prayer room. * thumbs up* Click like please haha.

How to go there from Tokyo:

From my experience, the easiest way is by train, the cheapest way is by bus.

1. By train from Shinjuku Station. Take Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar Asagiri" to Gotemba Station. The ride will take about 95 minutes. From Gotemba Station, there is a free shuttle bus to the outlet. It is rather pricey though, the ticket was 4950 Yen for a return trip or 2720 Yen if you buy one way.

2. By bus from Shinjuku station. One way trip takes about 100 minutes and costs 1680 yen. Get down at Tomei-Gotemba IC bus stop, and from there, wait for the free shuttle bus to the outlets.

For other train or bus options, operating hours, store listings etc, check out the official website.


Mary Del Almarez said...

Hi! Would you remember how much the Prada bag in the lower right costs in Gotemba? Or price ranges perhaps? Thanks a lot!

rara said...

@Mary Del Almarez: Hi! I am so sorry I couldn't recall the price but it was definitely a good bargain! Around RM1000 (USD 250) or so if I'm not mistaken.