December 27, 2013

Osaka : Rinku Premium Outlets

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As soon as I arrived at Namba station, I took my bag from the locker and quickly headed to the Nankai Line platforms for the Airport Express.

I didn't plan to shop during this trip. But my friend told me there's a factory outlet in Osaka.
Ok.. I'd go. Just to check the place out.
Rinku Premium Outlets is located just a station away from Kansai International Airport. So I went there before heading to the airport.

Lugging my heavy suitcase, I walked from Rinku Town station. The outlet is not that far from the station, just about 5 minutes walk through the shopping mall.

My plan not to shop failed miserably. I couldn't control myself as I browsed the stores.

50% off.

70% discount.

I went crazy.

Last minute shopping uols. hehehe...

Rinku Premium Outlets is open all year round
Operating hours is from 10 am to 8 pm

Access : Take the Nankai Main Line Airport Express to Rinku Town station, and walk approximately 5 minutes
I shopped till the stores closed. The best thing? I didn't need to walk back to Rinku Town station carrying all my shopping bags cos there's a shuttle bus straight to the airport from the outlets!

Took the last shuttle bus to the airport at 8 pm. The ride only cost 100 yen per way. So cheap right?

20 minutes on board, I arrived at International departure floor at Kansai International Airport.
Very convenient. Check here for the bus' timetable.

 Oh I discovered that there's a surau or prayer room at the airport. Great!

It's located at Terminal 1 building, on the 4th floor. Find Starbucks there. The surau is near the outlet.

I still had plenty of time before boarding. I've checked in via web so there's no need to rush. Thank God there's WiFi at the airport so I killed time by whatsapping my family and friends back home updating whatever necessary and browsing the social medias.

About 9.30 pm, I went to the check-in counter to drop my check-in luggage. There was no special queue for baggage drop so I had to join the long queue of people checking-in at the counter. Pffttttt. Wasted my time checking-in via web.

But that didn't spoil my overall Japan experience this time. I'm so gonna return to Japan soon (well.. very soon actually!). The reason why I am so rajin updating my blog lately. hahaha..



Hafiz Azmi said...

hehe... ii really miss Japan. Planning to go there next year so looking forward to your blogpost!

God luck on the award! :) New blogger here still learning :D

rara said...

@Hafiz Azmi: Pegi jangan tak pegi. Anyway, thanks! I lazy blogger so chance tu kureng sikit. haha