January 27, 2017

Umrah Ramadan : Things to bring for Umrah

Apart from thinking about what to do and what not to do in the Holy Land, I also thought about what to bring, what to wear, what to buy, how much money should I exchange.

As for the things to bring, we received items check list from Andalusia. Of course you don't have to follow everything. It's just a guide.

Based on the checklist and from my personal experience, these are the essential items you need for umrah trip.

For MEN 

1. 2 piece plain white cloth for ihram (unstitched!).
2. Belt to hold your ihram.
3. A pair of scissors for cutting hair.
4.  Daily clothes (shirts, pants, kain pelikat, pajamas, undergarments).


1. Telekung.
2. Tawaf socks.
3. Daily clothes (jubah, kurta, pants, tudungs, undergarments).
4. Purdah (I use it to cover my face from the dust and heat).

1. Umrah guide book, together with doa book.
2. Tasbih for zikir. The digital one is also good! 
3. Tawaf counter. So you remember how many rounds have you completed.
4. Prayer mat. Especially useful if you get a space on the ground as it is very hot!
5. Spray bottle for wudhu. No time or it's too far to get to the toilet if terbatal wudhu. 
6. NOSK nasal filter to help ward off dust, allergens and airborne particles. 
The filters can be used up to 8 hours depending on the amount of dust. It can be reused after rinsing with clean water and dried so just bring 2 packs is good enough.

1. Toiletries (shower foam, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, towel etc).
2. Soap/brush to wash undergarments. Also if you want to save on laundry, wash your daily clothes yourself. Cepat je kering.
3. Lotion because the weather is very dry.
4. Vaseline. Apply to vulnerable part to avoid rash/chaf.
5. Basic medicines (Panadol, Strepsils etc). My whole family (and most people I know) were down with fever, cough or flu over there because of the weather, dust or heat.
6. Small bag to carry your slippers inside the mosque.
7. Water bottle to fill in Zamzam water and drink on the go.
8. Slippers. Bring the cheap one please cos the chances to lose them are high due to sheer volume of people or you simply forget where you kept them.
9. Comfortable walking shoes and socks.
10. Sunglasses. The sun glares and blares!
11. Small sling bag or travel pouch to safekeep your money, mobile phone etc.
12. A small notebook. For you to jot down your thoughts, tips etc.
13. Camera.

For other personal items, I think you know better according to your needs.

If you forget to bring them, fret not cos most of the items can easily be bought in the Holy Land.
Just go to Bin Dawood or the small shops around the hotels.

Happy packing!

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