June 21, 2015

Christmas in London

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The day after I arrived in London, I went to Manchester to pay homage to my favorite club. Thought of spending more time there, watching a game or two but too bad all the tickets for the games were sold out.

So I chose to go back to London. It's Christmas eve anyway.. London is more happening yeah?

From Euston Station, I took the underground to Hyde Park Corner Station cos they were having the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Gotta check it out!

So this is how Christmas celebration really feels like. The joyous atmosphere is really different from what I've experienced back home. Well.. not really celebrating in Malaysia, just having fun taking pictures at those attractive decorations in the malls. haha..

There's funfair rides, circus, Christmas market, food and drink stalls, and of course, an ice rink. The ice rink was closed that night though. Boohoo!

The entrance to the site is free but don't go there with an empty wallet. Everything there was overpriced! I could only watch as the rides cost 5 pounds and more.. T_T Actually not overpriced la.. I just couldn't accept it cos I converted the ticket to RM. Memang la menangis one ride RM27.

Since everything was so expensive, I left the park after I finished touring the area and went back to the hostel. Besides, I was jetlagged. The bed was calling me.


On 25th December, everything is shut down.

The shop. The public transportation. Yup THE public transportation. Luckily my hostel was located in Bayswater area and the best thing is, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park is just a short walk away. Yeay!!

Kensington Gardens was once the private garden of the Kensington Palace so the gardens are fenced and more formal than Hyde Park. The garden is only opened during daytime while Hyde Park opens from 5 am until midnight. Both parks are adjacent to each other though. So it's a hugeee park altogether.

So blessed that the weather was perfect. I've heard countless times about the city's unpredictable weather.

Strolling through the park, I spotted the royal residence, the Kensington Palace, overlooking the Round Pond.

So this is where my ex-boyfriend, Prince William lives. haha..

According to the information on the nearby notice board, the palace is open all year for us to explore. But somehow it is closed today. You know I am coming and you don't wanna see me huh, Willie? Fine.

south view of the palace

So I continued sightseeing. Made my way to the corner of the garden which took me to the Albert Memorial, a memorial for Prince Albert who died in 1861.

the Albert Memorial

Just opposite the memorial is the place where our very own popular singer, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, once held a concert, the Royal Albert Hall.

Both Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are divided by the Serpentine and the Long Water, a large recreational lake within the park.

Crossing the Serpentine Bridge transported me to Hyde Park.

Saw so many cute squirrels here! Some of them are tame, can even hand feed them.

Such a nice view innit? I could just stroll here all day long.. which I really did! I only left when it was getting darker.

Went to Hard Rock Cafe (thank God the cafe and the rock shop was opened!), shopped some t-shirts and shotglass and continued walking till Piccadilly Circus.

From there I made the turn to Regent Street cos I was mesmerized by its magnificent Christmas Lights.

Oxford Street was glorious as well.

Walking past the shops, I could see the workers getting their stores ready for Boxing Day Sale tomorrow. Ahh..that famous sale I've been hearing all this while. So exciting!

I walked for a few kilometres back to Bayswater, and passed out the moment I landed on my bed. Totally knackered.

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