August 17, 2014

Have Sneakers, Will Travel

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Everytime I'm going for a trip, the most important item on my mind is the SHOES. To me, the shoes will make or break the trip cos I walk a lot. Like, A LOT. Especially when I visit Japan. Once I had to shop for a new shoes cos the shoes that I wore chafed my ankle and blisters were forming.

These days, my travel shoes are sneakers. They're chic yet comfortable. Good for a blogger like me. Travel, travel jugak tapi gaya tetap penting. muahahha..

The knowledge on styling your sneakers with any outfits you have in that closet of yours will definitely bring you its benefits. As sneakers may be assumed to be footwear suitable for sport activities, shoes designers from all over the world has created stylish and trendy designs to make it suitable to be worn as your casual footwear. Women do not necessarily have to wear their sneakers with those track suits or gym shorts as there a few ways to look more fashionable in them. 

The first way women could style their sneakers with is with those nice pair of skinny jeans. This type of combination shows off a perfect street style fashion look for women and the skinny jeans are versatile to be worn with high top sneakers, Converse to wedge sneakers without jeopardizing your style. The best thing is sneakers give you a comfortable feel all day while looking fashionable.

Besides that, the sneakers can also be matched perfectly with your skirts. Skirts are seen to be suitable for a feminine look but why not spice things up with a pair of sneakers. Add a little edge factor into your feminine character and have fun. If the weather is getting a little chilly, put on some tights or knee length socks to get a preppy school girl look. It allows women to feel younger at heart while maintaining their great fashion sense intact.

The third fabulous way a woman can perk up their sneakers look is by wearing it with your summer dress. Dress down your femininity with a nice pair of sneakers and be more relaxed. Forget those ballerina flats and feel super trendy with your colourful sneakers. You could also change up your style by mix matching your sneakers with long shirt dresses for a sporty look or appear flirty with an A-line dress.

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