November 3, 2014

Japanese Kit Kat

The Japanese loves Kit Kat. So much so that they have come out with various flavours; from fruits, to vegetables, to whatever flavours they can think of. The varied tastes were made to pay tribute to the unique tastes and foods of Japan.

The Kit Kat are popular as a gift too. Why? The Japanese pronounce Kit Kat as "kitto katto". It sounds like "kitto katsu" which means, "You will surely win". Thus, parents often buy Kit Kat for their children during exam days. Well.. that's what my Japanese friends told me.

These are the flavours that I found during my recent trip to my happy place...

Managed to find 12 flavours (one not in the picture above). 

Matcha-Green Tea

Cocoa Plan


Hokkaido Red Bean

Sakura Matcha

Hojicha Roasted Tea

Strawberry Cheese Cake


Vanilla Ice Cream 


Red Bean Sandwich

Kobe Pudding

It's actually hard to get all the flavours cos some of the special varieties are available only in certain regions of the country. For example, the Kobe Pudding is only available in Kobe. 

But fret not, I found out that there's a Kit Kat boutique in Ikebukuro! Read here. Perhaps they have ALL the flavours there! I shall pay a visit to this boutique in my next trip. #reasontorepeat


John | Kaki Berangan said...

Teringin nk rasa yg cheese cake tuh!

syieda said...

Rara....I tak sabar nak borong kit kat ni!

rara said...

@John: cheesecake tu sedap!

@syieda: sila borong banyak2! hehe.. pegi la boutique kat Ikebukuro tu.