August 10, 2014

Sawadee Ka Bangkok! : Mr Jones' Orphanage

While I was on my own exploring Bangkok, my friend whatsapped me suggesting places to visit. One of them was Mr Jones' Orphanage.

To be honest, I was confused. Did he ask me to visit an orphanage? Errr.. although it's a good cause, I thought maybe not today. But he later informed me the orphanage is at Siam Center. An orphanage inside a mall? Weird.

When I reached Siam Center and found the orphanage I was gobsmacked. Obviously I was slowwww. hahahhaha.

Mr Jones' Orphanage is actually a themed cafe, decorated with fluffy teddy bears and toy soldiers that brings back memories of childhood while you savor on cakes, desserts and drinks.

I was attracted by the decoration hence decided to go in.

You would expect from all the teddy bears and toy soldiers for most of the guests to be children, but during my visit I didn't see any children, just adults taking selfies (including moi.. haha). Children were at school I reckoned.

Teddy bears are strewn all over the cafe like a bear wonderland.

Anyway, the cafe has a wide selection of treats making it difficult to decide.

The beverages menu.

The desserts menu.

I ordered these!

Forgot their names but both were delish!! My overall bill came to 330 baht. A little splurge but still OK for me.

The atmosphere is good. The tables and seats arrangement is rather cosy, suitable for couples on dates or small group of friends for gathering. The food was delicious and the prices are quite affordable.

So I guess this is a must try whenever you're in Bangkok!

Mr Jones' Orphanage
3rd Floor, Siam Center 
Tel: 02-658-1163
Direction: Get off at BTS Siam


The Travelling 3o said...

Thank you for the recommendation. Org gila dessert mmg suka ni!

Btw, my friends and I just started a travel blog, hope you can drop by and leave some feedback or comment. Our first entry is about backpacking in New Zealand.

Thank you!

rara said...

@thetravelling30: Nice! Would love to go to NZ someday..