July 1, 2014

Halal Food in Phnom Penh

Continuing my halal food series with Phnom Penh. Amboiii.. bulan puasa la kau nak tulis pasal makanan kan? ;p

So on my first day in Phnom Penh; after the night journey from Siem Reap and walking under the scorching hot sun in the middle of the city, all I wanted was to relax and have lunch in a nice restaurant.

Whipped out my phone, opened Google Chrome and typed 'halal food in Phnom Penh'. Looking at the results, I found D'Wau Restaurant. It is located inside New York Hotel. Now.. where is this hotel located? Opened Google Maps and I just followed the direction on my phone to the hotel. Sooo easy!! Thank God for data plan. Dunno what would I do without a smartphone these days.

The restaurant is located inside a three-star hotel so actually I was afraid it would cost a bomb. But I just went for it, takpe la sekali sekala splurge while travelling. Turned out the restaurant is rather simple and what's important, the prices are quite reasonable.

Ordered this. 

Cambodian Nasi Goreng Lock Lack. 

The prices are shown in Riel but don't worry, they accept USD as well. 

I asked the lady at the counter and she said the owner is a Malaysian from Johor. The family closed their restaurant in Malaysia and moved to Phnom Penh since they saw the importance and business potential of halal restaurants in a non-Muslim country. If I remember correctly la.. 

As I wrote in my previous entry, we met our friend, Arina after that. And she recommended us to try one of her go-to restaurant in Phnom Penh, Mamak's Corner. Got nasi lemak. Got teh tarik. hahaha.. 

So the next day, we had our late lunch at Mamak's Corner. It's not that far from the Central Market. 

Apart from the menu, you can also have nasi campur with a wide array of dishes to choose from. 

I settled with Beehoon. 

The restaurant is also not that far from the Riverfront area, just about 1 km, so we decided to walk back to our hostel. 

Found this restaurant en route to the hostel..

and that one as well. There.. the Indian Cuisine. 

It's facing the Riverfront area so it's kinda easy to find it.

Leaving Cambodia, I felt so grateful cos it was very easy for us to find halal food in this Buddhist-majority country.

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