July 5, 2014

Halal Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Do you know there's a Malaysia Street in Ho Chi Minh City?

Ok.. the street's name is actually Nguyen An Ninh but it has turned into Malaysia Street. Go there and you'll feel like you're back home already. Locals aside, I can say almost 99% of the visitors there are Malaysians. Ok.. I made that up but you get the picture.

Apart from the good deals offered here, there's a lot of halal restaurants along the street as well as the surrounding area, such as Luu Van Lang, Truong Dinh and Thu Khoa Huan. So it's another reason why Malaysians flock this area.

** Update: Oct 2017 **
Many restaurants in this post are no longer there, change names/owner or have expanded. 
Read here for an updated version.

See? Siap ada Warung Saigon 1 Malaysia lagi. haha..

Some of the restaurants are more popular than the others, and some restaurants have limited seats, so they can be full at times. But you don't have to worry at all cos there's a lot of choices.

On my first night there, we had dinner at Hjh. Basiroh.

I read the CARI forum (OMG I haven't been there in ages! hahaha) briefly before the trip and it seems this restaurant is quite famous. Perhaps because it's among the cheapest options.

Those uncles recommended I took private tour to Mekong Delta with the guy in the white t-shirt (he's from the restaurant), but it was quite expensive since it's just me and my friend. Forgot the rate he quoted me but if you go in a big group, it's definitely cheaper.

Wanted to try local food so I ordered Pho. 

Pho and a drink cost me VND 70,000.

Unfortunately, it tasted rather bland. Not sure whether this Vietnamese noodle soup is supposed to taste like that or kedai tu yang tak sedap. haha..

After that we went to meet our friends at Kabil Biryani House. It's not on Malaysian Street though, but a short walk away on Truong Dinh.

Since we already had our dinner, we just ordered drinks and chitchatted.

The following night, we went to Kampung Melayu.

I didn't really miss Malay food but we couldn't agree on which restaurant to go since we were spoilt for choice. In the end, we just walked into the restaurant in front of us at that time senang cerita.

Looking at the menu, we felt the prices are on the upper side. Hmmm... takpe la splurge sekali sekala -_-

Char Kuey Teow with a glass of fruit juice cost me VND 154,000. Doubled from yesterday's dinner.

Then on our last night in Ho Chi Minh City, we tried Kasim Baba's Prata House.

Map to the restaurant.

You can see Nguyen An Ninh (marked as NAN), Luu Van Lang (marked as LVL) and Truong Dinh on the map as well.
And Ben Thanh Market.

I ordered Mee Mamak here.

Sedap ok. 

They have Malaysian cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine. The choices are abundant. 

Will definitely come to this restaurant again on my next trip(s). 

All these restaurants are a stone's throw to Ben Thanh Market so it's easy for you to have your meal after all the shopping :D

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Nhók Mon said...

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