October 8, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon '13

I was actually contemplating whether or not to run this marathon. Honestly, I really really like really lacked fitness since training is not included in my running vocab. Sheeshh!!

The last time I ran a long distance run was back in early April for Malaysia Women Marathon. That was almost 6 months ago. So this time, my only preparation prior to the marathon was a run at Bukit Aman a week before. -_-

I felt headache as I was preparing all my running essentials before going to bed. To make things worse, I vomited after brushing my teeth. Not sure why but my 'red flag' is coming so I suspected it was the PMS. OK... should I run? Or should I not?

Anyhoo, I went to bed at around 11 pm, set my alarm clock at 2.30 am and thought, if I wake up feeling OK I would just run.

Amazingly enough, at 2.30 am, I woke up feeling rather good. The headache was gone. So let's do it!

By 3.30 am, I was already at Dataran Merdeka. A lot of runners were already there; stretching and warming up. The crowds were bigger this time around as the number of participants reached a record of 33,000 overall runners! From that number, Full Marathon contributed 4,559 runners. Quite a big number (in Malaysia), I must say.

my sister and her running partner in their costume

While heading to the starting line, a girl called my name. She said she's my blog reader. Hi Nano! *waves* Honestly, I was a bit startled when she said that cos I never thought people would recognize me outside. haha...

ready to start

I ran with banana man and iron man! hahaha...
We were flagged off at 4.30 am. I felt slightly nervous but my plan was simple; just run, jog or brisk walk. It was the same route as last year, and the year before, and before before before. haha... They never change the route pon. 

Oh.. there's another thing that also didn't change. I suffered the leg cramp as I reached Bukit Bintang area, which was after the 21 km check point. It was exactly the same spot as last year!! Is this God's hint that I should just run Half Marathon next year? Hmmmm....

Running around KL that morning was really trying; as it was such a scorching hot day. I slowed down at Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching as my legs were acting up, perhaps due to the heat. Not long after, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked to the side and saw Uncle Oliver. He asked me to keep on going. Seeing his perseverance, I felt ashamed of myself so I tried to pace him but man, this uncle was quite fast despite being a 70-year-old.

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, I reached the Segambut Roundabout. Small smile crept over my face. We are nearing KM36, the most awaited part of the run!

It was soo good seeing the FMV team at KM36; Kak June, Kak Azza and the rest of the supporters. Kak Azza then handed me a cold can of Coke. Ahh heaven!! I could never thank them enough. Their supports mean the world to us runners, giving us some kinda booster to keep going and conquer the bloody Bukit Tunku.

Up on the hill, I passed by another good Samaritans station - PaCat Adventure Team. Even though I don't know them, one of the guys offered me fruits and iced coke! Thank you soo much! May God bless these people!!

As soon as I turned the corner at Jalan Raja Laut, I felt alive. OK.. 2 kms to go!! Run baby, run!!

The moment I crossed the finishing line, all sorta feelings came over me; relieved, overjoyed and also a sense of achievement. Completed my 8th marathon and my anniversary run!

5 years running, yeah!!


Madam Sooyaree said...

Heyyy... awak kawan Nana Ayoub keee? What a small world! :D

Syed Faizal said...

congrat on your 8th marathon and still counting...

@nannoor said...

Hi rara!! Nano ni :Dc*waves hand*

Congrats on your 8th fm.
wow. truly amazing. *thumbs up*
memang panas pagi tu kan? towards the last 12km, i dah rasa rimas dengan baju i, tapi takkan nak bukak baju pulak kan? gile ke apa.. hahhahaa.

congrats again and see u on the road ya :)

rara said...

@narif: I selalu jumpa dia time lari.. she's my sis' fren :)

@faizal: thanks! u lari tak hari tu?

@nannoor: thank uu!! it's my 8th marathon tapi tak power mana pon.. janji habis. hehe.. anyway, congrats to u too. n yeah.. see u in other events! :)

Syed Faizal said...

i ada pada pagi yg panas tu...cam biasa sub 6...

dah completed 8 FM bleh la join my next kerja gila...