June 29, 2014

Mosque & Halal Food in Siem Reap

Alhamdulillah. It was very easy for me to find halal food in Siem Reap. Takde la everyday makan maggi. hahaha...

I read from other blogs there's a mosque and a muslim village in Siem Reap so I decided to pay a visit. Looking at the map, it wasn't so far from the town. In fact, it's kinda near from where I stayed.

Can you spot the mosque at the bottom left side of the map?

With the trusted old bicycle that I rented, I cycled around Siem Reap and went to check out the village. Luckily for me, I found the mosque at the first try since I read that many people had trouble finding it. Alhamdulillah...

An Neakmah Mosque in Kampung Stengmai.

main praying area

ladies' praying area

So I had my Zuhur/Asar jama' prayer at the mosque and had lunch at a halal restaurant behind it. 

I reckon, this restaurant is popular with Malaysians as all the customers inside the restaurant while I was there was Malaysians. Some of them were friendly and some of them as usual, buat muka sombong. Pegi Siem Reap je pon makcik, bukannya London. 

I had nasi goreng which cost USD 3, and soya bean for USD 1. 

Here's some of the menu and it's pricing for your reference. Easier for you to plan your budget to visit Siem Reap. 
Note that it was during my visit in January 2014.

Expensive? Cheap? To be honest, I was shocked to see the pricing at first considering everything else in Siem Reap was so cheap. But after that, I found out that all halal restaurants around Siem Reap charged more or less the same. So OK.. I guess it's the standard there. 

There's a few other restaurants around the mosque. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to try them. You can go and let me know how is it yeah?

In the meantime, don't worry if you don't have enough time to go to Kampung Stengmai or simply can't find it. I found a number of halal restaurants in the Old Market area.

Tried this one, India Gate Restaurant.

Some of the menu and pricing for your reference.

I had this Tandoori Chicken.

Sedap la jugak.

Other choices in the Old Market area...

Sorry I don't have their detailed address or contact numbers. But rest assured, it's easy to find them. I found all of them by chance while walking around the Old Market as well as the night market.


Azad Azahar said...

Banyak pilihan makanan. :)

rara said...

@azad: yup.. tak la makan maggi hari2.. hehehe

Pakcu My said...

informasi yg terbaik.. terima kaseh sbb sy sedang mencari info ttg Siem Reap kerana nak kesana bersama keluarga

rara said...

@Pakcu My: Glad to help :)