November 5, 2012

France : Colmar - the Alsatian Wine Capital

Mention France, and people immediately think about Paris. Eiffel.. I'm in love! I'd love to visit that romantic city one day.
*dreamy eyes*

So I jumped for joy when I finally had the chance to go to France for work purpose.

But sadly, I wasn't going to visit Paris. Instead, I was asked to go to Alsace. I bet you've never heard of it right?! I only knew the place cos my company has an office there. If not, maybe I also won't know it. Well.. it is actually a small region located on France's eastern border, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. 

These were the views from my flight to Strasbourg International Airport. 

Looking down through the small plane window, I was in awe. More to confused actually. It was an unusual view. It looked like there were thousands of football field down there.

It didn't hit me till I landed, and was in the taxi heading to the hotel. Passing by countless of vineyards, I just realized that what I saw from the plane was the vineyards, silly! hahaha... blur max.

France is the world's largest wine producer, and Alsace is actually famous for its vineyard.

Since I was there for work, didn't really have time to explore the region. But I had the opportunity to visit one of its largest cities, Colmar, with my colleague. 

Yes, the real Colmar, not the one in Bukit Tinggi  :p

The city is situated along the Alsatian Wine Route, a 170km route crisscrossing through the Alsatian vineyards from north to south at the foothills of the Vosges, and is undoubtedly France's most beautiful tourist route.

The old town is the main attraction if you come here for a visit. Its numerous architectural landmarks and its museums are stunningly beautiful and well preserved.

The architectural landmarks includes a Renaissance building decorated with faces.

Maison des Tetes (House of the Heads)

close up of the heads

This is the largest church in Colmar, Saint-Martin Church, which was constructed in 1234.

I forgot what is this

The town has even inspired the setting of a Japanese animated film, Howl's Moving Castle. Many buildings in the film are designed based on the buildings here.

Among them is this Maison Pfister.

Remember it?

Anyway, I noticed that in Europe, fountains are everywhere!

Oh... there's even a place they call little Venice here. I can has a little bit of Italy. Yeay!!

You can actually get around the town on foot, but if you're tired or just wanna relax and follow a guided tour, you can hop on the city train, Petit Train Blanc

What's a trip to the wine region if you don't go visit the vineyards and the wine shops?

You can do wine tasting at every winery along the route. I guess this is heaven for the wine lovers.

Too bad it was a very short visit. Should come here again during my Eurotrip (someday!).


BibiErr Karim said...

Wahhh lucky u! Dapat jejak France for work purpose. Gila lawa2 buildings. U shud visit Versailles next time. Less than an hour from Paris. I had quite an unpleasant experience kat Paris, tu yang bias sikit. Haha.

zila said...

fuhhh...giler best kalo ke sana. Amazing architecture

rara said...

BibiErr : alhamdulillah.. rezeki dapat pegi sana for free. Versailles? i heard situ pon cantik! Ntah bila dapat buat Eurotrip ni..

zila : cantik sangat Colmar tu.. wish i had more time to explore!

Ernie Khairina said...

OMG!! Colmar has been always on my mind, but now that I already kat Msia taktahula bila akan pegi. Lucky you! mann i need a whole day to khatam your blog then

rara said...

ernie: takpe.. one day insya allah u sampai. waiting for your updates!