November 2, 2012

Schiphol Airport - Holland Casino

What do you do when you are bored while waiting for your transit flight? 

Usually I would just walk in and out of the duty free shops window shopping.

Find WiFi spots to get info about the places I'm heading to, and also update whatever social medias I have. 

When I'm done with the above and still have a lot of time, I'll just find a spot near the window and watch the planes come and go.

beautiful morning in Amsterdam

But while wandering in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I came across a casino! 

A casino in the airport? 

Just don't gamble till you miss your flight sudah. hehe... 

Direction: Departure Hall 2 - behind Passport Control (between Gates E and F)
Operation hours: 6.30 am ~ 7.30 pm
Admission: Free (just present your boarding pass and valid ID)


syieda said...

wow bestnya!!

rara said...

syieda: transit je kat sini.. tak sempat keluar sightseeing :(