November 8, 2017

dUCk Scarves Vietnam

I went to Ho Chi Minh City recently and guess what? Famous scarves brand from Malaysia are sold everywhere especially in Ben Thanh market, the night market and shops around Nguyen An Ninh aka the Malaysia street. From dUCk, Naelofar, Ariani, Bokitta to Sugarscarf and even donUT scarves.

The counterfeit dUCk even comes with the purple box although not 100% same.


Some of the counterfeits in the market. 

All the Limited Editions!! My heart just can't take this T_T

I have most of the originals and seeing them being reproduced freely and sold at cheaper prices just broke my heart cos I bought them at much much much higher price. 

To sedapkan hati, it's not 100% same though. The material of the scarves are totally different. The colors are also a bit off; the tints, tones and shades are different on some parts of the scarves. The signature picot hem are also not so kemas.

See this Blooming dUCk in Pink Roses?

The Royal dUCk in Pink.

The Royal dUCk in Ash Blue.

See the colors? If you've seen or own the original one you'll know the difference in the colors.

They also have the snowcaps but just like the scarves, the material is totally different. 

Original vs the counterfeit. Can you tell which is which?

It looks almost the same right? I can say this copy is almost similar. 

There are actually many grades like those fake LV. They have pasar malam quality selling at RM10~20, as well as the good ones selling at around RM40.

But if you look closely, you'll notice the color is a bit different. The color of the thread is also different. The material lagi la different. And I saw someone's post on IG, she highlighted that the duck charm is also different. 

But those differences are not that obvious and some people don't care about the material. Hey.. as long as they get their desired design at cheaper price. The old LEs like the Blurred Lines and the Blooming collections are now being sold at RM500~RM1000. Crazy mannnn!

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing the originals. True that! But The dUCk Group really need to step up their game or risk losing customers. I read many complaints on the recent batch of the KL dUCk. The hem were badly sewn on some parts of the scarf, and some scarves even got stains on them! Seriously!? Price up, quantity up but the quality is going down? I hope they will do something about this. If not, I believe more and more dUCkies will go on #dUCkrehab or turn to this #dUCknam. At the end of the day, it all goes back to customers' satisfaction.


CikLily Putih said...

wow hebat sungguh, kalau tak kuat iman. harus shopping semua sekali

Unknown said...

betul tu CikLily Putih..sye bru sje ke sana

Ayu illyas said...

How the they can copy the design of the kain tu? Is it from the same mould? U get what i mean? Haha.. pelik how the design can similar to the authentic one

Mieza A.j. said...

sape kisah ori ke tak kan..yg penting pakai selesa

Unknown said...

may i know the shop name and location.tq