August 3, 2010

Shape Night Run

I don't know why MRR2 is always jammed up on weekend. This road is definitely driving me crazy. As we neared the Melawati junction, I already saw cars crawling bumper to bumper on the flyover. Damn it!

Diverted to route 2. So we headed to Setiawangsa, hoping Jalan Jelatek was clear. But I guess don't expect roads in KL to be clear on a weekend. Jelatek was jammed up too! Took the elevated highway to Jalan Tun Razak. It was jammed up again until the Prince Court junction. As soon as we were on MEX, it was time to play Need for Speed, for real.

But still, we were late!!!

The starting point was already cleared when we arrived. So we started the run as the last runners. I told ya I didn't like being the last one, so I ran steadily to catch up with the others. Managed to merge with the crowd nearing the PICC hill. It was here that some of the runners started to walk but being the competitive me, I decided to run all the way around it to edge myself from the group.

During the first kms of running, I didn't feel good. Maybe from the lunch I had or the lack of rest or simply because I didn't do a warm up. But I realized that I ran better early in the morning. Fresh from a good night's sleep. Or maybe I am just not a night runner? How am I to run the big FOUR TWO in PBIM like this??? 

the colorful us

 retarded kids

Putrajaya at night was always hot and humid but thank God, there were some cool winds at some part of the route. And the view was always amazing, the gorgeously lit-up Seri Wawasan bridge, the PICC and some other government buildings I didn't know the name kinda compensated the uncomfortable humidity.
 the goodie bag

Every year, this run has become a favorite with runners due to it's attractive goodie bag. We paid RM40 for the registration and got a goodie bag said to be worth RM300! OK now who wasn't tempted by that offer. Mark your calendar now for next year's event. ;p

binging on calories after burning the calories.. nice!

We had supper at Cyberjaya after the run and the TV were showing some live telecast of what looked like an MIC convention. But there were Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth Sivaji the Boss so it couldn't be la kan. haha. The next day only I knew it was the launch of the music of their film Enthiran, and it was held at PICC! Aishwarya, we were so near yet so far!


June Malik said...

dont doubt your 42k, just train for it and u will be fine, if I can, you surely more than can :) was looking for you , no wonder tak jumpa !

rara said...

hopefully can la.. ni dah nak puasa.. lepas tu it's only 2 months to go.. my turn to yikes yikes pulak.. hahaha