July 11, 2011

Russian high speed train

We took the normal train from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which took about 11 hours. Going back, we took the high speed train or sapsan as they call it. 

CANCAH is SAPSAN. Don't pronounce it 'Chanchah' ok... for sure the locals will be confused. hehehhe... 

The service had just started about 6 months before so it was still new. We got ourselves seat on the second class.

The fare was around 2800 rubles. 1000 rubles more expensive than the normal train. But with the time saved, and just for the experience, why not?  

The train was very comfy. The cushioned chairs are large with ample legroom. They have entertainment like in an airplane too. 

Just choose whichever channel you like but mostly they're in Russian.

One lady who sat near us brought her dog onboard. I was amazed that the cute lil doggie behaved very well.

Awww... he looked at me. Woof!

The train’s speed reached 200km/h so our journey back to Moscow only took 4 hours. 7 hours saved! 


It stopped only at 1 station (or 2 stations I forgot already) for about 5 minutes, just enough time for passengers to hop out and onboard the train.

Good bye St. Petersburg.

Oh finally I finished writing on my Russia trip, a year after the trip ended. hahaha... What a lousy blogger.

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