July 13, 2011

Anniversary Run

I must be the last running blogger to blog about this marathon.
I was very busy and also lazy to write, but it was my anniversary run! SCKLM 2009 was my first ever run. The moment I started joining the running mania. Haha… So I MUST blog about it. 
I still remember that time in 2009, I was actually afraid whether or not I could finish the race. It was only 10km, kacang for some but for a first time runner like me, it was SCARY. My training was only 3km run on the treadmill once or twice a week. So I wasn’t sure of my stamina and endurance. 
Apparently, I survived the distance. The feeling when I crossed the finishing line was priceless. And even more priceless when I got to wear the medal. 
So to commemorate my first run, I pledge to participate in this event every year. 
Upgraded myself to 21km last year on my birthday. Apart from my anniversary run, I can call this run my birthday run. Because since 2009 the date was one day before, on and one day after my birthday. :D 
This year, I should’ve upgraded myself to the full marathon category. But unless SCKLM starts at 2am like PBIM or it becomes a night marathon, I guess I will never run 42km in this event. Tell you a secret why; I am afraid of getting the tan. Vain, I know T_T  For some, the tans are proof of their achievements. But for me, it’s disaster.
I don’t think I can run 42km under KL’s hot weather. My utmost salutation goes to those who have done it. 
So this year, I stuck to 21km. 
The category started at 6.15am but I had to wake up at 3.15am because I was too lazy to drive to Dataran Merdeka myself. I wanted to follow my sister. She participated in full marathon category, and the Full Marathon Virgins have a gathering before the race started to meet up, take photos and motivate each others. So she wanted to be there at 4am! I had no choice but to follow her time T_T

waiting for 5am!

After the full marathon category was flagged off, I still have 1 and a quarter hours to kill. I could’ve gone to the car and sleep but somehow I had the image of me waking up only after the race has finished. So there I was, wandering around the field like a zombie. I saw people doing the face painting in front of Standard Chartered tent, so I joined in. Got painted a star and a standard chartered logo on my face but it was washed off by my pouring sweat during the run. 

enjoyed my run!

Finally, it was time to run. The same route, the same adrenaline rush, the same leg cramp.. but it was a great morning run though. 
A few kms after the run started, 3 school girls overtook me. My first impression was, whoahhh! Who were these kiddies? But don’t judge a book by its cover. They were fast! I was left trailing in awe. Hahahha… 

sempat lagi berhenti ambik gambar.. haha 

I improved my timing from last year by 10 minutes.. still not sub-3 hours but I am slowly getting there. 

After crossing the finishing line, I went to take my medal and quickly made my way to the baggage deposit tent. I thought the queue might be long like last year, so I must be there quick so as not to miss my sister’s finishing later. But to my surprise, there wasn’t any queue at all! Tremendous improvement from the previous years indeed. But I suspected it was because not many 10km runners deposited their bag since they started at Jalan Parlimen. 

After my sister arrived, we took pictures and lepak-ed until we were like the last participants left. Because everyone was too tired and painful to move.  

 yup she ran in that dress! 

Anyway, I met the school girls again. Turned out, they were seasoned runners lah. 

Cool running outfit eh?
Wait until you see my sister's groom. 

Can you believe he ran in this attire? Full blazer with necktie! O_o Crazyyyy. I don’t know how he could tahan the heat. You rock lah bro!
My birthday medal. 

Here's to more SCKLM!


Azza said...

I'm sure u wanna make your 1st FM a memorable one..getting zebra lines can be one of them tau! Hehe! Takpelah, k.azza jumpa u nnt kat PBIM..pi sambung lari skrg :)

June Malik said...

scklm will always be my favourite running place, and yeah sayang ur putih gebu kulit lah lari kl but then again, u gotta do it once?? congrats on improving your timing !!

rara said...

kak azza: hehehe.. belum dapat keberanian lagi ;p ala.. this year rara tak join PBIM.. me n my sis dah register for stanchart bangkok.. same date!

kak june: hahaha putih gebu la sangat kak june! but yeah.. one day sure will do it la.. home ground la katekan.. :D