August 7, 2011


  A couple of weeks ago I saw a Groupon offer from First In Malaysia

Sounds interesting! 
I emailed my girlfriends and asked whether or not they were interested. Not long after that, Jam replied and said yes. I didn’t waste any time and bought it straight away. Kiasu mode. Hahaha…
We booked the first available slot. Couldn’t wait to roll downhill. Weee! Also because the other available slots were during Ramadhan. Batal puasa pulak kalau termuntah nanti. 

So on the day, there were 4 of us;  my sister and I, Jam and Lisa. After registering ourselves with the organizer, we started with water orbing. 

I was excited for this because I watched one of the challenges in The Biggest Loser Asia season 2, where the participants needed to crawl/walk/run (whatever you do to make it move!) in the orb, racing from one end to the other. Quite funny seeing how they maneuvered themselves in it. 

I was expecting that kinda race.

Instead, we were put in an orb which was tied with rope to the land. Boo! 

But yeah, I could imagine if the rope wasn’t there. The organizer must have a hard time controlling everybody. It would be dangerous for us too. Because you would be suffocating after some time, since the orb must be sealed tightly. Otherwise, you’d sink.

It was so difficult to move the orb. I couldn’t crawl, let alone stand in it. My sister and I kept falling on each other. But it was really fun. Hahaha…
Next, we rode the KMX bicycle.

At first we just cycled in a round, within the vicinity of the counter. 

Then I heard a guy from the other group wanted to go up the nearby hill, for more challenging ride. Actually it’s not a hill, just an upward road connecting to the other side of the car park. I was thinking of doing it earlier but I thought we weren’t allowed to go further than the curent car park. Dah ada gang apa lagi. Challenge accepted. 

So we cycled up the hill and wooshhhh, we went down full speed like a jet. 

Last activity of the day, the downhill orbing. Since there was only one orb, we had to wait for a while for our turn. We watched how it was being played. Some of them screamed their hearts out and some of them had their orb went out of the route. Those FIM people worked so hard, running after the orb trying hard to make sure the orb stayed on its route. Plus, it was so hot that day. I wished they sell cold drinks. But there were none, so make sure you bring your own drinks. 

Our turn came. This time, I paired with Lisa since my sister wanted me to capture a video of her. 

To get into the orb, you need to jump and dive in.

Then, the staffs will guide you on the safety matters; put the strap on, make sure everything is tight and where should you hold on to.

When I completed, Lisa jumped in and was guided the same procedure. And we were ready to be rolled off. 

It was like a rollercoaster ride, albeit slower. Up and down, up and down, up and down… for more than 10 times. I screamed like nobody’s business. Hahahaha… It wasn’t that scary, but seeing the world upside down was liberating. 

Surprisingly, when we reached down the hill and went out from the orb, I felt normal. I thought I would be nauseous, but I wasn’t at all. 

I survived...

and I can now call myself an orbanaut. Ho yeahh!!!


June Malik said...

Awesome, I read abt this and always nak try !! Will cake u for details :)

rara said...

try it! best!!! hehehe