March 21, 2011

Paris Je t`aime

Last month's jalan-jalan cari makan with my beloved Chickpeas brought us to one of the most beautiful restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and I had my most expensive dinner ever!

Located at the corner of Jalan Maharajalela, this French inspired Café Café is really an extraordinary restaurant. Upon entering the place, I felt like I was transported to Paris.

I loved everything about it; from the classy decor to the good food. I would definitely suggest this place for those who want to celebrate something special, be it Valentines Day, anniversary, marriage proposal or just have a good fine dining with your loved ones. The ambiance is sooo romantic.

Our outing at the restaurant was funny. None of us except Jam had been to the restaurant before. So we had no idea how the ambiance was. Jam warned us to be prepared with her gossip so we just knew that we're gonna have a good time laughing.

But when everyone arrived and saw the place and the people, we were like 'How to gossip macam ni?'. hahahaha... Wrong place lah.

You see, the restaurant was so romantic we had to behave ourselves. Our gathering is usually filled with laughter; gossips, jokes and updates of our lives but couples at the other tables were whispering sweet nothings to each other. We were afraid we'd ruin their romantic moments with our big laughs so we had to share our gossips quietly.

♥ 17 years of friendship ♥

As there were 7 of us, we had a table of 8 person. Jam, who had the main gossip, sat at the wrong place. She sat at the end of the table so Lisa and Mas who sat at the other end of the table had a hard time listening to what she was saying. Sometimes they couldn't hear what she said so Pijot or Farah had to recite the gossip to them. Like playing telefon buruk game. hahahaha...

Did I tell you the food was good too?

They have a la carte menu and also a few set meals. I ordered one of the set meal, Bleu 169 which consists of...

Special Chef of the Day

I wasn't sure what it was. I thought it tasted like a watermelon syrup.

Then, it was time for Fear Factor! I don't eat organs, no offense to those who eat them, because I think they are gross.

But for starters, I had Pan-Seared Foie Gras.

Pan Seared Foie Gras @ RM69

If you don't already know, it is made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. :O But I forced myself to try to eat it and to my surprise, it was delicious! If there is one dish I wanna recommend you to try in Café Café, it would be this.

Then it was time for Fear Factor No. 2. Eat the snails. hohoho...

Baked Escargots With Garlic Parsley @ RM26

Not bad too. Unfortunately these escargots had no shells so the feeling of them being snails wasn't there. hahaha... Anyway, I guessed I passed the Fear Factor food test with flying colors. 

Next came the main course.

Oven-Baked Cod Fillet with Black Olive Dressing
served with Du Puy Lentils and Creamed Spinach with Parmigiano @ RM68

Finally, desserts came.

Lemon Sorbet @ RM19

Hot Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream @ RM28

The cake was oh-so-good! Definitely worth the 18 minutes that you have to wait. 

Pardon the blurry photos. The restaurant was dimly-lit and we thought it was rude if the camera kept on flashing every seconds. We had no choice but to turn off the flash, and thus gave us these bad photos. T_T

Anyway, here's what my friends had. 

Baked Escargots Scented with Truffles and Foie Gras @ RM42

Baked Portobello with Ricotta Cheese @ RM29

Baked Lamb Racks with Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing 
served with Pumpkin Purée and Creamed Spinach with Parmigiano @ RM68

Duck Confit With Saute Potato
served with Du Puy Lentils and Onion Confit @ RM49

Pan Fried Salmon With Sundried Tomato Sauce
served with Pumpkin Purée and Creamed Spinach with Parmigiano @ RM48

Mixed Seafood Spaghetti with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Roasted Almond Flakes @ RM38

we were the last customers out so finally I had one photo with the flash on.. hehe

Overall, the Bleu 169 set meal and drink cost me RM201 including the 10% service charge. Expensive I know but it was really worth it. Gatherings with the Chickpeas was always fun. They are my longest and closest friends from high school. All of us were classmates from form 1 until form 3. The name Chickpeas actually came from Cekap, our class name. As a whole, we (including the guys) called ourselves Cekapees but only for the girls, we commercialized the name to be Chickpeas. :D

Would definitely go back there again. Of course I don't eat at this kind of restaurant on a regular basis. Such extravagance is best saved for special occasions and our outing was always special to me so it definitely qualified.


Madam Sooyaree said...

Pretty deco, tapi the food.. hmmmm... I tak reti lah nak fear factor ni!

rara said...

i pon sebenanye tak berapa berani bab2 makan benda2 pelik ni.. tapi saja gatal nak jugak try at least once. hehe

My name starts with M said...

i loike!

rara said...

mas: me double loike :D

Fiza Azmi said...

i loike too!!

very well written mun!