October 25, 2012

Seoul, South Korea : Seoul'd Out

I was in South Korea for 8 days, but minus the arrival and departure days, I had only 6 full days to explore the city. Certainly not enough time to go to Jeju Island or Busan. So... I only covered Seoul this time. Will definitely return to visit other part of the country. 

What else did I see in Seoul?

I am a football fan, though not that fanatic la. So on one of my days in Seoul, I visited the World Cup Stadium. 

Costing US$151 million, the spectacular 64,000-seat World Cup Stadium was built to stage the opening ceremony and some of the matches of the 2002 World Cup football finals, which Korea co-hosted with Japan.

There's a museum to relive the highs and lows of the 2002 cup, and also behind the scenes tour to the changing rooms that those football superstars used but I didn't join it. Nevermind la... if there is one stadium that I am interested to enter, it would be OLD TRAFFORD! hahahaha... 

Direction: Get off at World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6, proceed to Exit 1, 2 or 3

While window shopping in Itaewon, I also made it a point to visit Seoul Central Mosque. 

Subhanallah.. I am always so proud to see a mosque (and this big summore!) in a country where Islam is not their main religion. Opened in 1976, it is currently the only mosque in Seoul. 

There is a separate building for the Prince Sultan Islamic School. 

Direction: Get off at Itaewon Station on Line 6, proceed to Exit 3. Go straight and you will find Itaewon Fire Station. Turn right and go uphill about 100 meters. At the three-way intersection, turn left and walk about 200 meters. 

Mentioned many times before in my previous posts, here's Hongik University. 

It is a private university and has the most well known school of Fine Arts and Design in the country. I wanted to go inside and have a look at the campus life, but you need a student ID to get in. 

I did tell you that the university neighborhood, Hongdae, is very happening right? Stretching from the subway station to the main entrance of the university; there's fast food and cozy restaurants, unique coffee houses, live music bars, dance clubs and karaoke outlets. For party revellers, the last Friday of each month is a Club Day, where they can club hopping with a single ticket. Also, the area is full of arty boutiques, galleries, studios, craft shops and accessories stores. 

The students have all the entertainments just a stone's throw away from their campus. So nice!  

And ohh.. you should not miss this. A Hello Kitty Cafe!! hahaha... so cute ok. 

It's very near to my hostel but I didn't try it. Totally regret it cos I read Honeykoyuki's blog about her outing at the cafe. The cafe's interior is so cute with Hello Kitty decorations all over. Not only that, even the desserts incorporates the cute kitty. #reasontorepeat

Direction: Get off at Hongik University Station on Line 2, proceed to Exit 6


Farikica said...

Hi..i've exactly the same scenario as u...6 days in seoul... not enough actually, eh..? so many places to go yet so lil time... i'm going next year...:)

Esma said...

Is the masjid located at Itaewon? Like to see ur photo on the first photo. Make that the signature pose. Kkekek

BibiErr Karim said...

Reason to repeat Rara!!! Pink lover that I am, nak masuk Hello Kitty cafe tu. Although bukan HK fan. Hihi tq for sharing!

Anonymous said...


just wondering, did u go alone on this trip? looking forward to ur reply, thanks!


rara said...

Farikica: true dat.. so many places to go and yet so little time! i pon rasanya macam nak repeat soon. :D

Esma: yup.. the masjid is at Itaewon. signature pose? will do! haha

BibiErr: yeahhh... reason to repeat! :D I pon bukan HK fan, tapi tgk gambar cute sangattt!

Izah: wsalam.. yup, solo trip. i ni forever alone.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the prompt reply. how i admire u and all the solo travelers out there! hope i could pluck up the courage and step out on my own, just like u guys. keep on blogging and thanks for all the sharing.

rara said...

izah: if you belum confident lagi to travel alone, u start with nearby countries la. Singapore or Jakarta? Just to get the experience.. from there, you can plan for something bigger :)

Anonymous said...

aslmkm rara,
thanks for the advice. am very interested in visiting south korea, just like u did, fall in love with the country's beauty, he3! am stalking ur blog for all the tips and hopefully u wont mind! hwaiting!

rara said...

izah: no problem, sharing is caring kan? :D