March 24, 2011

Dinner @ Hj Sharin Low

I'm in the mood to write about food now. So I shall continue with another gastronomic entry. :D
And another delayed one. We went for this dinner last month to celebrate Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and also a farewell dinner for my ge ge who left for Melbourne for a while.

The lucky restaurant chosen for our gathering was Hj Sharin Low Chinese Muslim restaurant at Bukit Antarabangsa.

They have a few branches, I saw one at Jalan Ampang and another one at Sri Gombak.

Apart from us, the restaurant was quite packed so I suggest you make a reservation before coming here.

We ordered their signature dishes, among others...

Roasted Duck

There’s another Chinese Muslim restaurant that I’ve tried before but I can’t compare these 2 restaurants as I had different types of dishes.

But one thing for sure, I know I don’t really like duck. Actually I don't know whether it's me or what, but I think duck's meat is a bit tough compared to chicken. The first time I tried eating roasted duck at the other restaurant, it was tough and salty. I thought it might be due to the cooking so I gave ducks another chance. I tried it one more time here. But it was the same. T_T Then confirm la it’s the duck!

Champion Chicken

Not sure why it is named Champion... but the mini watermelons are yummers! 

Mukmin Taufu

Salted Egg Crab

Hong Kong Steamed Emerald Fish

Baby Kailan Rangup I forgot its name

I forgot its name too

Udang Nestum Butter

Oh yeah... don't forget to order their Hot and Sour Xi Chuan Soup. Sedap gila ok! But I forgot to take its picture. hehe...

Anyway, sorry I didn't know the pricing for all the food since my ge ge belanja us all. Xie xie ge ge! :D

You can visit their FB page for the full menu and the pricing.

Kenyang perut suka hati. Kthxbai.


June Malik said...

kat klang pun ada satu branch :)

rara said...

kak june: banyak dah branch dia rasanya.. i've read somewhere kat shah alam pon ada. anyway, nape lama tak update blog?