March 31, 2011

Moscow to St. Petersburg : The Overnight Train

While we were in Russia, they were in the mood to celebrate their national holiday, Russia Day. They got a long weekend and my sister got an extra day off, so we planned a trip to St. Petersburg. Located about 800 km away from Moscow, St. Petersburg is among the northernmost cities of the world and it is Russia's second largest city after Moscow.  
Since it was their national holiday, most people took the chance to go back to their hometown or went traveling. So flight, train and bus tickets were mostly sold out and we had limited choice. We settled for an overnight train at 3.30am.  

second class compartment, 1800 rubles one-way

Luckily, metro in Moscow operated until 1am. We went out from our apartment at around 12.30am and took the metro to Komsomolskaya, the nearest metro station to Leningradski train station. Most of trains departing from Moscow to St. Petersburg or vice versa depart from this station.

Another 2 hours++ to our departure time. *yawn*

There is a monument to Vladimir Lenin in the hall of the station.

people still trying to get tickets
Finally, it was almost time for our train's departure. 

my train!

After a long walk, my God the train was very long ok, we arrived at our car.

Car no 11

inside the car

Our car has several compartments and each compartment has 4 beds. 

The compartment was complete. They have a rack for you to keep your things, coat hanger, mirror, table etc. The bed was quite comfortable too. 

OK Imma sleep now. Nite nite.

Contrary to popular belief that you can't sleep on the moving train, I had undisturbed sleep throughout the journey. If my sister didn't wake me up for brunch, I swear I could sleep all the way until we reached St. Petersburg.


There is a hot water samovar at the end of the car that you can help yourself to.


Or you can buy some snacks, tea, or instant coffee on the train. 

Our car had a female attendant looking after us. She has her own room, across from the samovar. If you have any problem or want to order anything, you can knock on her door and she will assist your need. 

The train stopped at several destinations along the journey

and passed by some beautiful villages. 

After 11 hours on the train, it was time to pack up everything...

we've arrived in St. Petersburg yo!

goodbye car 11

the train station

Some people will not like the train but I really enjoyed the experience. It's a great way to travel and is a great insight into the country.

привет Санкт-Петербург! 

OK I know you can't read Russian. It means hello Saint Petersburg!

Anyway, Saint Petersburg is not pronounced as 'Saint Peters-berg'. It is Sankt Pitirboork.

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