August 2, 2010

Walk of Life...

Another edition of the Jacob's Walk of Life.

I almost bailed out at the last minutes. It took a great deal of sacrifice to leave my cosy bed on a Sunday morning. T_T

But I reckoned I needed to exercise because I'm getting fatter and fatter these days!! FML.  

We had a morning walk around FRIM. I've never explored FRIM, so it was a good change from last year's venue at Taman Metropolitan Kepong. As far as I could remember, the last time I went to FRIM was during high school. And it was during a district scout jamboree, where we had to walk from Taman Rimba Komanwel all the way to Selayang and back to the campsite.

The cool morning breeze and the greenery were so refreshing. Definitely a stress reliever.

these kids were so adorable

Even kids got up early and joined the walk. Great! Instilling healthy life to the young generation.

We were entertained by some artists, but I am so ignorant of the local acts I didn't know who were them. (^_^')

Last but not least, free breakfast with Jacobs and many more sponsors. Yeay!! hmm... I so sounded like Misae ibu Shin-chan yang suka makan free kat supermarket.. hahahah...

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