July 29, 2010

My Idol

It was so frustrating back then as there were no live telecasts (not even delayed!) of any squash tournaments on TV in Malaysia. I mean, come on! We have our local heroine, who is the current world no.1 and a four-time world champion, playing. True, it is not listed as an Olympic sport, but I do believe the squash fans here are huge.

Only a couple of years back Astro started to air the live telecast of the KL Open and the Malaysian Open. Even though I am still waiting for the chance to watch the prestigious British and World Open, KL and Malaysian Open pun jadi laa...

But why watch it on TV if you can watch it live at the venue? Would never miss the chance to meet my idol in person. \(^_^)/

high spirited supporters

entertainment from the cheerleaders

she got style man!

Nicol won the 1st game before losing the 2nd game to Jenny... then won the 3rd game before losing again in the 4th game.. very stressful OK.

with her coach, Liz Irving

Jenny being supported by her fellow countryman, Alison Waters

Playing in front of her home crowd, the pressure was on Nicol. Proceeding to the decider, all we could do was hoping that she would focus and played well.

And she did it! Finally winning the game, her 6th consecutive Malaysian Open titles, and her 4th consecutive WISPA titles this year, in 72 minutes! Bravo girl!


both men and women's winners .. (I think Dato' Seri Nazir is very handsome.. hehe)

with Jenny Duncalf, the runner up

I love you Nicol!!

signed by the world champ herself!

Hoping for many more wins and meet ups in the future! But I'll just have to wait for next year's event for the chance to see her again...crap!


June Malik said...

jeles tahap gaban :) i love her too !

p!nkerton said...

definitely an idol! gempak abis dia ni, salute! *wah body dia tough, & hott!*
ehem, aku pun rasa nazir tu hensem *kachingg$$$*

rara said...

yeayy ada geng yang sama suka nicol!

My name starts with M said...

i was there too mun! tp lalu tepi je la hehe

rara said...

mas: laa ye ke? kalau ko nampak aku boleh je join kot sebab aku dapat tiket free. hehe