April 5, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland

One thing I regret not doing when I was in Japan a couple of years back was that I didn't go to Tokyo Disneyland! T__T  I really wanted to go, but my colleagues already went there a few times and they didn't intend to repeat. So, we chose it's sister, the DisneySea. The thought of going to a theme park on my own was not fun at all. So, bye bye Tokyo Disneyland.

But this time in Hong Kong, I just couldn't care anymore... to miss another chance of going to my dream place since childhood? Nahhhhhh!!!!

Disney Resort Line

Mickey holder

Mickey window

The train is so cute! Everything inside there is filled with Disney characters especially Mickey! You can ride this train from Sunny Bay station on Tung Chung Line.

Finally! I stepped my foot in Disneyland! Happy happy happy!!!! <3 <3 <3

Reached there around 9ish. Semangat okay! Park pun tak open lagi. So me and hundreds of other early birds waited anxiously for the park to be opened at 10am. Once it opened, I quickly made my way to Tomorrowland and took the FastPass for Space Mountain. It was still early and not too many people in the park yet, but I'd better be safe. For those who've never been to Disneyland or Disneysea, FastPass is a pass where you can reduce your waiting time and beat the queue. It's like you book your time for the ride, say you take the FastPass for Space Mountain at 11am, you can go enjoy the other rides and come back at 11am to Space Mountain, without having to queue for it.

Anyway, enjoy some of the photos at the park.... 

Main Street USA

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters


Space Mountain

enjoying the ride.. haha

the ever popular Sleeping Beauty Castle

Festival of the Lion King

Tarzan's Treehouse

Cinderella Carousel

It's a small world

Then, it's time for Disney on Parade where you get to see all the Disney characters. A show not to be missed!

I'm always amused when I see the stroller parking in parks. I think it's very cute! hehehe...

baby stroller parking

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

with I-forgot-the-character-name

The park will be closed at 8pm, and before that they will have a magnificent fireworks display. I finished playing all the rides and tour the whole park around 6ish, so to kill time while waiting for the 8pm fireworks I went to the souvenir shop and camwhore with all the stuff. ;p

Finally, the much awaited firework display.

It was raining during the show but everyone just stood still. It's truly amazing and too beautiful for us to care for the raindrops.

My childhood dreams were fulfilled. 1 down. 3 to go. :)


Ernie Khairina said...

we love parade! i pun tak sempat ke disneyland HK

June Malik said...

u shd go to tokyo one too .. i went few times tak jemu hehehe

Lynnda Hosni said...

wow... nice pictures... so remember to mark Melbourne as your next holiday!!!...xxoo

TopsyTurvy Mum said...

enjoy watching and reading :)

yes, betul cakap RL, nanti dtg Melbourne.

rara said...

ernie: disneyland paris lagi best kot? disneyland HK ni orang kata yg paling kecik skali.

kak june: tu la.. rugi tak pegi dulu. :( kena tunggu je la bila company nak hantar pegi biz trip to japan lagi.

RL & TTM: yup yup.. kena kumpul duit ni.. tour OZ the other side pulak. wait for me. :D

TunaTurner said...

Chip 'n Dale lah. ;)

Anyway, you're back from OZ? OZ adventures pulak pls.

rara said...

oh yess.. chip n dale. semenjak 2menjak ni i asyik blank je tatau apasal. hahaha...

OZ adventures kena tunggu turn.. habis HK ni, UAE-Oman trip punya turn pulak.. hehe