April 12, 2010

Fallen Angel

Another Chickpeas has joined the dark side. hohoho.... Well, the dark side is a bright path for her. So we relented and gave our blessings.

Congrats to you Fizah aka Ms Ja!! We're so happy for you dear.

the Chickpeas..

sama cantik sama padan bride & groom

group photo @ the pelamin.

nak bergambar with the bride tapi dia busy, so kami busy camwhore kat tepi

 the YSL.. eh tapi hujung kiri & kanan tak available ye

pose wajib Chickpeas

I had wedding invitation from my colleague on the same night but I just couldn't miss this reception. And I was glad I made the right decision.Well actually no decision was made. Obviously without doubt I would attend my girlfriends' wedding over anyone else. 

The reception was held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and the highlight of the event was when the bride & groom arrived at the reception area by gondola. Oh so romantic macam kat Venice. Nicee~

tapi tak sempat nak snap pic pengantin kat atas gondola so pic kat meja je la ;p

Weddings, apart from us celebrating the newly-weds, is the time where you get to see old friends. And indeed, I've got to see a lot of familiar faces and reconnect with old friends. I haven't met Ely, Ain and Nana for ages! And they didn't change at all. Except for them getting prettier, we picked up bits and pieces like nobody's business.

my scout and camping buddy

Nana for instance, I haven't seen her since I went to MRSM in Form 4. I saw her profile in FB but too shy to add her. Tak jumpa 12 tahun kot. Whenever I meet my ex-schoolmates, I always have this thought that people will not remember me. And that's the reason why I seldom start to tegur menegur my old x-schoolmates. The result, I've always been labeled as si sombong. But what they didn't know, I did that because I feared they won't recognize or remember me. Imagine if I go chat them up, and they don't remember me. Malu kan??? I was never a popular student, plus I was an ugly duckling comot back then with thick glasses and braces. hahahha.... Not that I've transformed into a swan now, but I guess I look better. Thanks to contact lens, straighten teeth and the power of make up. ;p

I didn't mean to steal the limelight, but I received so many compliments for my outfit that night. Thank you thank you thank you. It was designed by my dear girlfriend from uni, Afidah. Check out her boutique, Mimpikita. Even the bride pon puji cantik. Ishhhhh... your wedding gown adalah x1000 lagi gorgeous. I loved it!

Back to the wedding, congrats again babes!!! As your wedding quotes in FB, Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead, with all the love and happiness in the world.

Okay excuse me now, I'm off to lalalaland... weddings always make me goes gaga because everything is sooo beautiful.


TopsyTurvy Mum said...

kecik molek la u rara :)

love ur purple dress...

ehemmm..when is your turn naik pelamin pulak? hehe

rara said...

kecik molek? hahahah .. wait til u see me in person

naik pelamin lambat lagiiii... kalau ada jejaka2 hensem kat melbourne tu meh kasi no tel diorang kat i ;p

My name starts with M said...

wah ada gmbr tarik baju!!! yeehaa!