July 25, 2019

Everest Base Camp : Day 11 - Monjo to Lukla

Last day of hiking!

On my first day in the Himalayas, I said it was the easiest cos the trail was mostly downhill. No prize for guessing, we're hiking uphill all the way to Lukla today. So yeah... my last day became one of the hardest day on the trek.

Despite having adequate rest and oxygen, my body has exhausted all the energy and my muscles were sore from the last ten days of hiking. I was really tired, dragging one foot forward with frequent rest stops. Or maybe I was dragging myself cos deep down, I don't want to leave this beautiful place.

We trekked through the beautiful forest. Nature was more diverse than a few days ago.

Then, it's lunch time at Thado Koshi, with a view of Mount Kusum Kanguru (6,367 metres) at the back.

Mount Kusum Kanguru peak

my staple food on the trek - potatoes and vege for lunch

The trail was rather steep at the end, this last bit of elevation is killing me. But the best thing on the trek is that everybody is so supportive of each other. Other groups that leapfrogged me keep on saying, "Let's go! Just a little bit more."

When we finally reached Lukla, I couldn't contain my excitement. Debbie and I hugged each other. We've successfully completed the 130km trek! I've completed the Everest Base Camp trek! Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for the experience. This trip is definitely a life-changing adventure. 

candle lit dinner

After walking around Lukla for a little bit, we checked in at Paradise Lodge and had dinner. While enjoying our meals and happily reflecting our journey, the electricity for the whole town went off. Candle lit dinner then! Paid Dinesh and thanked him for his help, we bid goodbye.

I'm flying back to Kathmandu early in the morning tomorrow. Mission accomplished.

Elevation at Monjo:  2,855 m
Elevation at Lukla:  2,860 m
Elevation change: -50 m
Distance: 7 km
Duration:  7 hours

Amount spent:
Breakfast - Rs 380
Lunch - Rs 480
Dinner - Rs 480
Night stay at Paradise Lodge, double room - Rs 500
Porter fee - Rs 13000
Total = Rs 14840

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