October 26, 2018

Walking around London

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Just noticed that I have this post in my draft hahaha (uploaded the photos but haven't written anything yet). This trip was wayyyy back in 2014. I almost forgot its details.. but let's see what I remember, with some help of the Internet of course!

So it was Boxing Day today! I definitely went crazy shopping at Primark and Selfridges. One thing I noticed was that there's a lot of Malaysians in London! Everywhere I turned on Oxford Streets I saw Malaysians! I was confused for a while.. am I in Bukit Bintang or London hahahaha.

Done shopping (I wanted to shop more but it's only my fourth day into this trip and I'd be going to Spain and France later), I walked around the city.

Just nearby Primark is this Marble Arch.

Marble arch

Designed in 1827, it used to be the triumphal gateway to Buckingham Palace. However it was later moved to its current site at the northeast corner of Hyde Park. Historically, only members of the Royal Family as well as the Royal Horse Artillery and the King's Troop could pass through the arch but today, anyone can freely walk through the arches.

Nearest station: Marble Arch on Central Line (Red)

From there, I decided to go to the Buckingham Palace, walking through Hyde Park, Piccadilly and the Green Park.

there's Hard Rock Café at this building

Came across this bicycle hire. I actually wanted to try it but I was afraid I couldn't find a docking point to return the bike. I don't want simple things to become a hassle so walking it is! I remember thinking it'd be great if Malaysia also has this kind of bicycle hire. We do have it now in Kuala Lumpur but panas la pulak kan to cycle in the city haha. 

Passed by a few memorials, fountains and statues..

Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park

The Bomber Command Memorial commemorates those who died while serving in the Bomber Command during the Second World War.

It was a calm and peaceful walk (I guess everybody was busy shopping) before reaching the palace.

Nearest station: Green Park on Piccadilly (Dark blue), Victoria (Blue) or Jubilee (Grey) Line,
Hyde Park Corner on Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue)

The Buckingham Palace.

Actually nothing much to do here except take in the view of the palace and the immense Victoria statue in the circle out front cos you cannot go in and there's also no changing of the guard ceremony at the time.

Victoria memorial

Would come again sometime for the State Rooms tour. As for the changing of the guard ceremony, I managed to watch it earlier this year but I'll save it for another post.

Refer here for info on Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Nearest station: Green Park on Piccadilly (Dark blue), Victoria (Blue) or Jubilee (Grey) Line

Wandering around, I reached the Horse Guards.

Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards is the home to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment who provide the Queen's guard and escort on state occasions. There's also a museum here.

There's a small ceremony going on but I'm not really sure what it was. Perhaps it is the mounted sentries change.

When to Watch
1. Changing of The Queen’s Life Guard at 11:00am (10:00am on Sunday)
2. Two mounted sentries guard the entrance to Horse Guards on Whitehall from 10:00am until 4:00pm.
These are changed every hour.
3. Dismounted parade of the guard at 4:00pm. Thereafter, two dismounted sentries on duty until 8:00pm.

Nearest station: Westminster on Circle (Yellow), or District (Green) Line,
 Charing Cross on Bakerloo (Brown) or Northern (Black) Line

Continued walking for a while before taking the tube back to my hostel. I need to pack my things! Would be going to the airport before midnight for my flight to Seville, Spain early in the morning tomorrow.

some random building in the city

Will be back soon London!


ejulz said...

wahhhh.. seronok :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

I just came back from London and I went crazy with Primark. Even my mom and cousin too. Hahaha...

rara said...

@ejulz: That was my first time in London, memang seronok! :)

@DT: Hahaha.. it's definitely everyone's favorite shopping place. Must go during Boxing Day. It's crazier!

m.u.l.a.n said...

Was there in 2000 terasa nak repeat..

rara said...

@m.u.l.a.n: wow! such a long time ago.. kena repeat ni!