December 18, 2017

JJCM: Kungfu Ramen @ Taman Melawati

One of my favorite eating places in the neighborhood.

They have a wide selection on the menu but all the times there, I only ordered this haha.

Kungfu Ramen's braised beef noodle or Mee Tarik is soo good! The noodle is soft and chewy, made fresh upon order. Their chilli paste is also amazing which adds the oomph to the noodle soup.

I heard the other menus are good too so no wonder the restaurant is always packed during lunch and dinner time. One time I was there at 8pm and I was surprised people needed to wait to get a table.

I've tasted a few mee tarik places but I like Kungfu Ramens's mee tarik the most. If you're looking for a taste of Xinjiang Silk Road - Northwest Chinese Muslim Cuisine, this place is indeed a must try!

Address: 8A, Lorong Selangor, Taman Melawati (facing Melawati Corporate Centre)
Opening hours: 11am ~ 10pm daily