December 26, 2013

Nara : Kofuku-ji & Nara Park

Continuation from here...

Heading back towards Kintetsu Nara station, I walked through the large park again.

Bye deers!

Saw this in the distance.

Mikos in training I guessed. I love seeing the mikos all clad in the white kimono jacket and flowing long red skirt. They look so.. innocent and pure. Well.. perhaps I think so after I watched the anime series Inuyasha years ago. Kikyo and Kagome looked so innocent and pure in the series.

Passed by this building.  

Not sure what was it. Loved the design so I just stopped and snapped a photo of it.

Continuing the walk, I passed by Kofuku-ji. I actually walked past it earlier while heading to Todai-ji but I kinda ignored it since I saw a major construction notice outside the area. And everybody also seemed to ignore it and continued walking towards Todai-ji. I just followed the crowd.

This time, I walked from the other side of the temple, passing by a lake.

I saw a few people heading to the temple so I detoured from the road and made a stop there. How could I not?
I wanted to cross off another UNESCO World Heritage Site ok.

Same as Kasuga Taisha, this temple was also associated with the Fujiwara clan. The temple flourished in the beginning but began to decline when the Fujiwara's power faded in the 12th century.

Entrance to the temple grounds is free but entrance fee is required for this Eastern Golden Hall as it houses several Important Cultural Properties and National Treasures.

the Eastern Golden Hall, Tokon-do

Visiting hours for Eastern Golden Hall is from 9 am to 5 pm
Entrance fee for Eastern Golden Hall is 300 yen

My camera's battery ran low by this time so I had to resort to the phone's camera. I should have a back up camera for my next trips, shouldn't I?

Here's the five-storied pagoda which is the second highest pagoda in Japan.

And this is the Southern Octagonal Hall.

Kofuku-ji is open all year round 
Direction : From Kintetsu Nara station, the temple is about 5 minute walk east

I didn't stay there long since I needed to be back in Osaka soon. I still had a lot of time actually cos my flight would not be until midnight but I had another agenda before going to the airport. hehe..

At the shops nearby the train station, I saw a long queue in front of this one particular shop. Curious, I took a look. Nothing special.. just a queue to buy some food.

But it must be very good since a lot of people were queuing for it so I queued as well.

My late lunch, green tea mochi with red bean filling. It was yummylicious!

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