December 30, 2013

In Love with Hello Kitty

I don't know what's wrong with me but of late, I had developed a strong interest in Hello Kitty. Can't get enough of that white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.


Japan is the birthplace of Hello Kitty so it is everywhere!
I screamed with joy when I saw a shop full of Hello Kitty stuffs in Gion.

Then I saw another Hello Kitty shop in Chawan-zaka. Kawaii !!!!

My excitement level shot up to maximum when I discovered there's a Hello Kitty area at Universal Wonderland in Universal Studios Japan. Went kawaii kawaii kawaiii at everything like a mad woman. I even queued with kids and teenagers to take picture with the cat. -_-

The Ribbon Boutique.

The zone was established based on the concept that Kitty opened the fancy ribbon-themed boutique after returning from Hollywood.

This kitty is such a fashionista I tell ya!

Well I guess it is a must-go place for the girly girls. Loved it! Everything's so beautiful and kawaii!

Like other characters in Universal Studios Japan, there's a Hello Kitty merchandise store inside the park.

I felt like a little kid inside the store.

Kenapa semua benda comel sangat ni??!!!

Hey.. look!


There's Hello Kitty biscuits as well.

Too many cute things to buy but the prices aren't cheap. T_T

Posing je la with the stuffs...
kawaii desu ka? hahaha..

Oh midlife crisis! -_-


siti masyitah said...

i always love reading your blog posts with all the smile and positivity...
btw, are you living in Japan right now?
and if i may know, where are you working at?

rara said...

@siti masyitah : hi! No lah.. i'm living in KL :) just went to Japan for holiday and sometimes for work.

crocodot said...

Am travelling to japan nx mth. Your blog is informative and helpful. I love the kitty tooo!!!!! Keep posting ur travelogue okayyyyy

rara said...

@crocodot: Hi there! Enjoy ur trip next month! :)

Supermom said...

hi.. love ur white jacket. where u get it? mind to share?

rara said...

@Supermom: Hi! It's from MNG. Bought it many years ago.. :)