January 3, 2014

Number 76

I came to know about Number 76 about 2 years ago after reading Cheesie's blog. Despite being colored, permed, straightened countless times, her hair managed to stay beautiful all the time. Well perhaps she didn't upload her bad hair day photo but still, I envy her hair!
So, I began to visit Number 76, her favourite salon. It is also a Japanese hair salon. You know la, Japanese ladies always look good and kawaii. Who knows my hair could turn out fabulous too? hehe..
My first visit to the salon was at the North Point, Mid Valley branch. But later I switched my allegiance to Bangsar branch at Telawi Square cos I wanted to try different stylist. 
The salon is becoming more and more popular these days that they opened a second branch in Bangsar last month. I visited that latest branch (called Bangsar 2) yesterday, cos my leng lui stylist, Amy, is there now.
Quite fancy right? I bet people who don't know it's a salon would mistake it for a café or something.   
This new branch is more spacious but what I love most is the interior design.
The vintage setting looks very cool, don't you think? 
The caramel biscuit. It was so yummy ok. Always looking forward for it every time I visit the salon. They told me it is flown from Japan. Hmm.. gotta stock it up during my next trip to Japan.
Anyway, this time I went for a hair cut, together with the usual Tansan and Ultra Sonic Iron treatment.
As usual, I left everything to Amy to work on my hair. Of course she'd ask what I wanted, and I'd tell her the styles I like. But in the end, I just let her did whatever she thought suit me well. As long as I look pretty! hahahaha...  
Before she cut my hair, it's hair wash time! One of the staffs, Desmond, washed my hair and did the Tansan treatment. This is a scalp and hair treatment using soda or CO2, to help remove the dirt and excessive oil from the scalp.
See that?
The bubbles and foam is a combo of dirt and grime on my head. -_-
Desmond doing the Ultra Sonic Iron treatment
Next, it was time for the Ultra Sonic Iron treatment. The treatment was done using the ultrasonic hair iron, which helps the hair absorbs the treatment better. Really recommended to those hairs which are dry, messy, and damaged due to frequent chemical procedures aka my hair!
Lastly, time for the hair cut. Nothing drastic, although I so wanted one. Kata new year's hair kan..
I actually wanted to cut it short but Amy said my curly hair would look better just below the shoulder. Well.. Ok la. I trusted her.
Here's the end result.
with Amy, my stylist
Good news for hijabista. The salon has a private corner, covered with curtains so your privacy is ensured. Anddd, there's no extra charge for it.  
number76 Bangsar 2
Address : No 50, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 2283 1776 / 2776
Opening Hours : 10.30 am ~ 7.30 pm (Closed on Monday)
The salon is next to the post office so you won't miss it. Do make an appointment if you plan to go there. Like I said, the salon is becoming more and more popular I have to make a booking weeks in advance for Amy.    
Check out their website here.

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