November 29, 2013

Kyoto : Arashiyama Walks

From the Bamboo Grove, I just followed the dotted route on the Kyoto Walks.

I passed by Okochi Sanso, a villa owned by one of Japan's famous actor. I wanted to go in, but after I saw the entrance fee (it was 1000 yen!), I changed my mind. It's just a retreat villa. Why so expensive?!

Anyhow, I kept on walking through the route, just enjoying the surroundings.

entrance to Jojakko-ji (if I'm not mistaken)

a pair of dolls I saw while walking

entrance to Nison-in Temple (also not sure.. haha)

Walking on that part of the route was also a lonely walk for me. I guessed visitors come to Arashiyama just for Tenryu-ji and the bamboo grove. I walked past a couple of temples after Okochi Sanso, but lazy to go in.

Before I left the hostel that morning, I had a chat with the friendly receptionist about the attractions in Arashiyama. Apart from the compulsory Tenryu-ji and the bamboo grove, she suggested that I visited Gio-ji. I believed locals' opinions, so I followed the narrow road up and up till I reached Gio-ji. I was actually worried walking alone to this temple cos it's nestled far into the forest.

As expected, I was the only visitor. But I didn't care. I strolled around the temple's moss garden. It is simple, yet beautiful.

the moss garden

 Somehow I felt like I was in a secret garden due to its location, and the human desertion.

The temple itself is rather small, I was done in just a few minutes.

But it was worth the walk. It's different than the usual temple, no?
 Gio-ji is open all year round, except on New Year's day
Visiting hours from 9 am to 5 pm
Entrance fee is 300 yen (adult), 100 yen (child)
Access : Approximately 30 minutes walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station

Continuing the walk, I came to the Sagano Doll House. It's a Japanese folk dolls museum so I skipped it la. Just kept on walking around the countryside, past the machiya houses and the farms. With Mount Arashi as the backdrop, I couldn't ask for a better view.

By this time, it was already past 1 pm. It was so fortunate that the weather was pleasant. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the walk if the temperatures were scorching hot or freezing cold.

Next along the route was Seiryo-ji, also known as Saga Shaka-do. This temple is home to several National Treasures, including a statue of the Buddha carved 1,000 years ago in China. I didn't think I needed to see another Buddha so I just took photos of the temple from the outside.

temple gate

Another empty temple. Where the hell is everybody?

Seiryo-ji or Saga Shaka-do is open all year round
Visiting hours from 9 am to 4 pm
Entrance to the temple ground is free, 400 yen (Main Hall)

Access : 15 minutes walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station

On the train back to Kyoto city, I took a look at the Kyoto Walks guide. Hmm... still a lot more to see. I guess I have reasons to repeat. :) 



Ouh Mun I envy u! If sempat nak try lah Kyoto Walks ni. Ingat nak visit few tempat je tapi hmm that moss garden sangat tempting!

rara said...

@Bibie: No need to envy! You are going soon? Enjoyyy!!!


Insha Allah soon! Nak merasa spring. Definitely ur blog jadi ref. Hihi.

rara said...

@Bibie: spring! now I pulak jealous. haha..


Thanks for everything u've shared about Japan. I refer banyak gila from here. God bless!

rara said...

@Bibie: No problem.. I pon banyak refer travel tips from blog orang lain :)