September 23, 2015

Halal Food in Laos - Nazim Restaurant

During my stay in Vientiane, I came across a few halal restaurants. One of them was Nazim Indian
Restaurant but I didn't have chance to try it since I had my meal at another restaurant.

I came across this restaurant again in Vang Vieng, and later in Luang Prabang. A quick search on the Internet, I also discovered that there's another one in Pakse. Great! Your halal food in Laos is sorted. hehe..

The restaurant is owned by Indian Muslim so no worries, it is halal. It is also a known fact that most halal restaurants in Laos serve beer, but other than that, the food and drinks they serve are halal and alcohol-free. So again, no worries!

All the restaurants are strategically located on the main road in the centre of the town, so you will not have problems locating them.


Address: Fa Ngum Rd (Mekong riverside)
Tel : 021-223 480 / 217 958
Operating hours : 8.30 am ~ 10.30 pm

Vang Vieng

Address: 33 Ban Sengsavang
Tel : 023-511 214
Operating hours : 10.30 am ~ 10.30 pm

If you don't like Indian food, there's also Malay food, soups, salads, snack etc. Prices vary from 5,000 to 70,000 Kip. Main dishes are only around 30,000 Kip.

I ordered Cheese Nan and Tandoori Chicken. 


Total bill = 55,000 Kip  [Cheese Nan (10,000 Kip) + Half Tandoori Chicken (35,000 Kip) + Fruit Shake (10,000 Kip)]

Luang Prabang

Address: 78/4 Ban Visoun, Visounnarath Rd
Tel : 071-252 263
Operating hours : 11 am ~ 11 pm

I'm not really a fan of Indian food. I like Nan and Tandoori Chicken but I've already ordered it before in Vang Vieng. So this time around, I ordered their Malay food.

Not bad la..

Total bill = 35,000 Kip  [Chicken Fried Rice (30,000 Kip) +  Plain water (5,000 Kip)]

Prices in Luang Prabang vary from 4,000 to 100,000 Kip. I noticed that the price in Luang Prabang is a little bit higher than in Vang Vieng. For example, Chicken Fried Rice is only 20,000 Kip in Vang Vieng, but in Luang Prabang it is 30,000 Kip. Same goes for Tandoori Chicken. In Vang Vieng, full chicken is 70,000 Kip but in Luang Prabang it is 100,000 Kip. Well, maybe because Luang Prabang is more touristy. 

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