November 27, 2013

Kyoto : Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

From the north gate of Tenryu-ji, turn left and you will be mesmerized by the famous bamboo grove.

Walking through the 200 meter path amidst the soaring stalks of bamboo is a wonder to behold. I felt like I was in another world.

The bamboo grove path can get quite busy as it is regarded as one of Kyoto's top sights. There was a few groups in front of me, so I just walked slowly, admiring the beauty and tranquillity of this special place, until they were quite far from me.

Luckily they were quite fast. I had the place all to myself! Weeee!!!

Lovely, isn't it? I fell in love again and again with Japan!

Done meditating camwhoring in the forest, I made my way back to the main road. I passed by the Saga Tram station, but an ojisan there told me the train wasn't operating due to some problems.

Oh well.. not my lucky day. Definitely gonna try it next time I'm back in Kyoto.


Rei said...

bestnya jopun......ok. kumpul duit dari skrg

rara said...

@Rei: memang best! Start your tabung Japan now! :D