August 14, 2013

Halal Food and Mosque in Colombo

My halal food series seem to be getting positive reviews. But too bad, I haven't got any offer to be the host of Rasa Halal show yet. hahaha.. So I think it's wise to blog more about it. More exposure to be the host... yeahh right! ;p

Most importantly, hopefully I will get pahala from it too. In Shaa Allah.

So this time, the destination is Sri Lanka!

Anyway.. did I tell you I jinxed some of AirAsia's route?
1. Took the flight to Abu Dhabi, and the route was cancelled after that in February 2010.
2. Took the flight to Delhi, and the route was cancelled in March 2012.
3. Flew back to KL from Mumbai, and it was cancelled earlier in February 2012.

Well.. I think I did it again. Sri Lanka route was cancelled too last February.

Oh well.. you can always visit the country with other airlines.

Anyway, here's what I had in Colombo.

We wanted to taste Sri Lankan food, so my tour guide, Rammuni brought us to Raja Bojun restaurant. It is located at Ceylinco Seylan Towers on Galle Road. Get a seat next to the large glass pane windows and you'll be rewarded with a nice view overlooking the ocean and the railway tracks with the occasional trains passing by as you enjoy your food.

We went for all-you-can-eat buffet lunch that cost Rs 1450 (buffet dinner would be Rs 1650). They have a la carte menu too but after calculating here and there, we thought the buffet was worth it.

The buffet offers a good choice of delicious Sri Lankan food, with varieties of Sinhalese curries such as the cram curry, fish curry, vegetable curry. They have several kind of hoppers as well as many different sambols. I would say the overall food was good.

the restaurant's interior

halal certificate

Other than this restaurant, there are actually quite a number of halal restaurants in town especially in the Pettah neighbourhood but too bad we didn't have time to check it out. Next trip, perhaps!

Rammuni then brought us to Odel, a stylish department store as we wanted to go to the money changer.

We were walking outside the mall when we spotted a mosque just across the road!

The Muslim communities in Sri Lanka isn't that big, just about 10% of the country's population but I read that there are quite a number of mosque in Colombo alone. Alhamdulillah. Just pray that this incident does not happen again. :( 


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Nak tanya, masa you travel Sri Lanka ni, you pakai car rental company mana ya? Cause my friends and I plan nak ttravel Sri Lanka jugak. Kalau boleh tak larat nak travel naik bas or train sebab kitorang pun not so young anymore. :D

If you tak keberatan, boleh tak share how much the total expenses masa you cover semua semua ni kat Sri Lanka?

If you have a Facebook account, u are invited to join this Group. . We need travellers like you to share info and experience with us and everyone in there.

Thank you dear.

rara said...

@Explore Ria: Hi! I deal with this guy named Rammuni. Ni email dia
You boleh deal with him and plan your itinerary. Sorry I tak ingat my total expenses but Rammuni charged me and my friends $40 per person per day for transport and hotel.

Anyway, thanks for the invite to join the FB group. Will check it out. :)