August 20, 2013

Halal Food in Kandy

So here's another halal food series from Sri Lanka.
We just reached Kandy after a long drive from Dambulla, and all of us were freaking hungryyy!! We were driving along the main road in the town centre looking for a place to eat when I spotted the word 'Muslim' on one of the restaurants' signboards.
So immediately we asked Rammuni to look for a parking spot. The road was busy so his driver dropped us by the roadside and we walked to the restaurant.
The restaurant's name is Kandyan Muslim Hotel but don't be confused. It's not a hotel.
 upper floor of the restaurant
The restaurant has two floors. Head to the upper floor if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere as the ground floor is a bit busy. 
They offer a variety of foods and what made us happy was that they were cheap! The portions were also HUGE! 

 We were very satisfied with our lunch that we decided to have dinner here too. It's not far to walk to the restaurant from the Temple of Tooth and very easy to find.
They also have breads and snacks.
Anyway, here's some of the menu for your reference.
The place was not so fancy but it was definitely good value. The staff were friendly and there were good options on offer.
I guess it is a must-go restaurant if you are in Kandy.  


My name starts with M said...

yes! A must go! I miss the Kottu!!!

rara said...

@Mas : Must re-visit Sri Lanka one day!