January 23, 2013

Myanmar : Visa Application

Visiting Myanmar soon! 

I can't wait. Really curious to step foot in the country after years of hearing and reading the news about Aung San Suu Kyi, the NLD leader who was detained under house arrest for 15 of the previous 21 years!! 

Anyway, before you go make sure you have the visa ok peeps. 

Here's how and what you need: 

1. Fill in the application form.

It can be collected from the Embassy for free.

2. Original passport (with more than 6 months validity of course) and photocopy of the main page.

3. 2 passport sized photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background.

4. Birth certificate and a photocopy (for children only).

5. Pay the application fee, which is RM110 (as of December 2012) for standard tourist visa. 

Go to the embassy at Jalan Ampang Hilir. 

There's no parking spot in front of the embassy so you better bring somebody to wait inside the car by the roadside (not advisable though.. hehe). Alternatively, you can park your car at the stalls in front of Sayfol International School. From there, it's just a short walk, since the embassy is just next to the small roundabout.

I was quite shocked as I entered the embassy compound through the steel gate, there's massive crowd of Myanmar locals waiting for their turns. There's even stalls selling food and beverages inside! But fret not, the tourist visa counter is on the right side and it's pretty much empty.

Address: No 8 (C), Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603-42515595/4455/6355

Do take note on the operational hours. 

9.30am ~ 12.30pm for Visa application
4pm ~ 5pm for Passport collection

The visa will be ready the next working day after your application.

p/s: Currently Visa On Arrival (VOA) is available only for business visa as VOA issuance for tourist was stopped about a year ago.


Anonymous said...

Wow, someone is going to Myanmar soon!

aziahmk said...

I thougt no need visa for myanmar??

Kak Mahh said...

Wow! Jarang pelancong ke negara ini.

rara said...

zaraab: let's! :D

kak monik: i thought the same too coz it's an ASEAN country. but nahh.. we still NEED a visa.

Kak Mahh: ada tiket murah kita pergi la :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice travel blog, full of information. Keep up the good work and keep on traveling.

rara said...

jimy: thanks! yes.. i hope i can travel more :)