December 3, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Perhentian Island (part 2)

Continuation from here ...

After checking in at Mohsin Chalet, I went back to the beach. It's almost noon and the Mat and Minah Sallehs already started their sunbathing activities. Crazy thing they do to get tanned while we Asians are trying to be as fair-skinned as possible.   

Oh... you have to rent the umbrella.. can't simply lie under it! 

Long Beach is known as the backpackers' party scene on the island. I could see why. There are a number of beach bars, with 'CHEAP BEERS' written all over. I was actually shocked at the daringness of the locals, which are Malays, selling the beers so openly. For a moment, I thought I was abroad. Really.

Saw this bar, Black Tip, burnt to the ground on my last day on the island.

Dunno whether it was an accident or a sabotage. It was one of the most popular bars on the beach so I guessed a lot of people were heartbroken that day.

I decided to explore the island on foot. A 15 minutes walk through the jungle brought me to the other side of the island, Coral Bay. 

Coral Bay

I think Long Beach's beach is nicer. But this area is quite happening in the evening as people come here to have early dinner while watching the beautiful sunset.

Unlike Long Beach, Coral Bay has a proper jetty.

And you can watch the sun goes down over the horizon from here.

But make sure you bring a torch light if you wanna walk through the jungle to or from Long Beach. Or go back early before it's dark cos there's no light along the route.  

Anyway, there's a lot of choices for food on the island. Seafood, nasi goreng, mee goreng everything have la. So you can leave all your maggi at home. hehe..

A Seafood BBQ set like this (comes with a drink), will cost you around RM20.

During one of the lunches, I ordered Mee Bandung. And this was what the waiter sent to my table.

"Salah meja kot.. I order Mee Bandung."

"Ni Mee Bandung la."

I've never seen Mee Bandung like that. That is sooo scary!!!

Oh.. actually my main purpose of going to Perhentian was for diving. So that's why I don't have many photos from this trip.
But I know I will return... cos the island is undeniably beautiful!


zila said...

mee bandung or blood scary..hahaha.

norh said...

makan ke tak mee tu? he he he

rara said...

zila : scary right?!

norh : makan sambil tutup mata.. hehe..