July 4, 2012

Ice ice baby

My Japanese boss was bored one day so he asked me out. Nahh.. this is not an office scandal. hahaha... He's been my tour guide every time I visited Japan and I've been his tour guide every time he visited Malaysia. He was transferred to Malaysia last year and since he's still single, he has nothing to do on weekends if he doesn't go playing golf somewhere.

We had our lunch at Pavilion before he suddenly told me he wanted to go ice skating. I immediately agreed to go. I haven't skated for years!

So from Pavilion we drove to Sunway Pyramid, and headed to Sunway Pyramid Ice.

Luckily I still remember how to skate. hahaha.. My friend said, it's like riding the bicycle. Once you know how to ride, you still can ride it even though you haven't ride for years. So I guessed it's true. I used to play roller blade in my teenage years. So when I first tried ice skating back in 2006, I could skate right away once I entered the ice rink. And this time, only on my second ice skating outing, I already skated like a pro (not a pro la.. almost! hahahaha).

I noticed that there's many kids inside the rink. And they were not afraid to skate at all. Watching them skate, I made a mental note to myself. I shall enroll my future kids for skating class. *kiasu mom

For RM25 or less (depends on when you go), I think it is a good family and friends activity. Shall drag him again when he's free. :D


Azian Elias said...

salam kenal..bagus for kids ni kan..i dont think i boleh lagi nak buat.

ef.ae said...

meh.. the last time i sake was when i was in high school. goash.. so long ago!

rara said...

hi azian! :)
tu lah i tgk ramai kids yg main.. alaa u pon boleh je try. ramai moms yg join skali dgn their kids. hehe..

rara said...

ef.ae, next time u can try. sure boleh skate right away! :D