July 3, 2012

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012

If you don't already know, Standard Chartered KL Marathon was the beginning of my running escapades. The 2009 edition was my first running event and as a beginner, I participated in the 10km category. The following year, I upgraded myself to the half marathon category. Last year, I did the half marathon too, cos the full marathon category started at 5am. You see, all the three marathons that I've completed before started at 2am, 3am and 12.30am. So it's obvious that I prefer to run the marathon in the dark. I don't wanna run under the scorching hot sun!!

For this year's edition, the organizer decided to flag off the category half an hour earlier. Still, if I were to run in 6 hours, I'd finish the run at 10.30am. Still hot weii! So because of that, I was undecided. I really wanted to do the full marathon category but I didn't wanna get burnt.

In the end, just minutes before the registration period ended, I made up my mind. I finally signed up to run the 42.195km category. It was my anniversary run and KL is my hometown, so I guessed I MUST complete the distance one fine day. I chose to do it this year, as one of my things to do before 30.

We started the day early. My sister and I went out from our house at 3.30am and reached Dataran Merdeka some 15 minutes later. The place was already full of runners. By 4am, we met up with the FMV gang to camwhore. I was quite shy to join them actually cos I've never been to any of their gatherings but nevertheless, they were a bunch of friendly people so I just joined them posing for the cameras. hahaha...

the costume runners!

As usual, prior to running the marathon, I got nervous. Cos I knew I didn't have enough training. I was confident I could finish the distance. It's just a matter of finishing it within the cut off time.

I made my way to the starting pit 10 minutes before the flag off time. Did some last minute stretching and off we ran at 4.30am sharp.

It rained lightly while I was running near KL Sentral and Mid Valley area towards the TUDM Airport. Ahh rain again! I also ran my two most recent runs in the rain. Thank God for I have a healthy body, I didn't catch the cold nor fever after the runs. Like the other runs, I actually loved the rain cos it made the morning cooler.

I ran quite well the first half of the marathon. I managed to follow the 6-hours pacers all the way to KM20 and did a sub-3 hour for my 21km check point. But everything went down the drain after that. I started to feel mild leg cramp nearing KLCC. By this time, I couldn't keep up with the pacers anymore cos I had to walk to ease the pain.

The cramp came on and off so I was alternately running and walking along Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching. We headed to Bukit Tunku area after the Segambut roundabout.

For FMV runners, that was the area they were looking forward to reach. The much awaited KM36. Our beloved Kak June and her gang waited there to support and cheer us. They didn't just waited there empty-handed, mind you. Known as kedai runcit Kak June among the FMVs, they generously offered gatorades, cokes, chocolates, muscle sprays etc to the runners. She's such an angel, really. :)

Wanted to stay much longer at the kedai runcit but I hoped to do a personal best time so I didn't stop. Just greeted her, took a can of coke and continued my run.

with Kak June

The run at Bukit Tunku was challenging as the route was hilly. Ughh I hate that route! T_T Another part that I hate was the final 2km of the marathon, from Jalan Raja Laut to the phychotic U-Turn back to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. So near, yet so far! Plus, it was so hot!

Nevertheless, I pushed myself to the end and crossed the finishing line with a PB!

Not much improvement but still, I clocked a better timing despite enduring the bloody muscle cramp :D

Overall, I'm glad I did the full marathon this year. The organizer really did a great job for this year's event. Plenty of water, 100 Plus, sponges, bananas, power gels. The volunteers and the police traffics were nice too. I have no complaint at all.

I'm already looking forward to run my 5th year anniversary run!


June Malik said...

Aww thanks for the mention. Congrats on your PB ..even one second counts :) here's to many more ..for someone who was wary of doing fm, u are on a roll!! Kena cari the cramp cause to help,u run better!

rara said...

u deserve the mention! :) yup.. need to find the cause. geram dgn kaki sendiri!

Syed Faizal said...

already completed 4 FM...wow...
next year can upgrade to ultra marathon la kat s'pore sundown...

rara said...

syed faizal: thank u!! noooo tak berani lagi nak buat ultra..maybe after my 10th FM kot.. hehe