July 6, 2012

The Fashionable Wedding

I have a favorite pastime now. I started doing it a few years back but recently, it got worst! Cos it hurts.

Yeah... my pastime hurts me, my wallet to be exact. My current pastime is Go online and Go gaga over shopping websites! hahaha...

Seriously, I could sit in front of my laptop and browse the shopping websites for hours! From handbags to heels, from clothes to accessories, from baby clothes to toys. It is so much fun.

My current local favorite is FashionValet.net. It's so addictive every time I got the new arrival email or when I saw updates on their Facebook Fan Page, I immediately go to the website to have a look. So much so that I rarely shop my clothes at real shops now. #truestory

I got excited all the time when my parcels arrived!

their extremely fashionable packaging

Vivy, the managing director of FashionValet, together with her boyfriend, built that fashion empire out of her love for fashion. And look at what she has achieved now, she's only 24 ok! I wish I can build something out of my interest too. A travel agency perhaps?

They got married last weekend and I was lucky to be there. The reception was held at Royale Chulan Hotel. Such a nice location for a wedding venue.

 It was a wonderful event. Everything was so beautiful!!

the table setting. Look at the glittering table cloth!

She's also a famous blogger, so a lot of famous faces attended the wedding. I saw the soon-to-be-wed co-founder of Nuffnang, Tim and her fiancee, Audrey and Iza ThePinkStiletto too, but controlled macho didn't wanna take pictures with them. hahaha..

with the gorgeous bride

Being a wedding of a fashionista, of course all the guests dressed up to the nines. It was like watching a fashion show. hehe... Got so much ideas for my baju raya, which I have yet to make. *Matilah mana ada tailor nak ambik order now.. 

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