May 31, 2011

Big belly

Alhamdulillah.. I have another brother now. Lil sis got married last weekend. Congratulations sistahhhh!!! Oh yeah.. don’t give me that look. I don’t mind she langkah bendul-ed me. 

Another shout out to my beloved ahli geng penindas.. Ratna. Congratulations my dear!!!

I couldn’t be her dayang on her big day, and I missed her bachelorette party (oh my.. I am such a bad friend!) so all of us gathered a week before that to gossip help her wedding preparations. 

 Kak kerton.. aku curik gambar ni ye :D

We are busy people. The last time we gathered was end of last year. That time, Rita and Fatih announced their pregnancy to us. They were 2 months+ pregnant if I’m not mistaken. So after almost 6 months not seeing each other, I was very eager to see them, especially Rita since this is her first pregnancy. 

who's bigger?

 moi n momo

It was so funny. We were ‘besarnya perut kau!’ and ternganga when they showed us their bare belly. Hahahha… I think I was the most jakun. I’ve never seen pregnant mother’s belly before this. -_-

It's always a happy time catching up with them. We ate, we gossiped, and still managed to settle the doorgifts. Yeah we were so efficient thank you. :p

Anyway, have safe delivery girls! Can't wait to meet the junior penindas.

OK gonna catch my sleep now. Ciao!


p!nkerton said...

congrats dek nor! ;)
ahahaha part tunjuk perut tu mmg lawak la mun. ko siap mcm tergamam tgk kan hihihi. amazing kan mcm mana perut boleh mengembang sampai mcm tu (esp rita & korg2 yg berperut nipis ;p)

rara said...

tu la pasal.. aku mmg tergamam.. hahahhaa... kagum and also takut at the same time!