May 21, 2011


I love going to Indonesia not only because I become an instant millionaire there, I also feel like a princess because spa will always be one of my main agenda of the trip. 

I think the spa prices in KL are quite expensive. Unlike in Indonesia, even if I took the most luxurious package, it was still cheaper than the prices in KL. 

I keep on comparing the prices in both countries, so that is why I’ve never been to any spas in KL. I haven’t gone to Indonesia for more than 2 years already. So yeah… I haven’t been to a spa for that long. T_T 

But lately I’ve been busy and I felt soo tired. I reckon spa is a good way to de-stress. I read review of Hammam in Bangsar Village II by PD a few months ago and it took my interest. 

I went to a hamam in Istanbul last year. Oh by the way, if you’ve never heard of the word, hamam is a Turkish bath in Turkish.

Definitely one of the things that you must do if you visit Turkey. 

This Turkish bath is unique. There’s this hot area that includes the heated marble platform in the center, surrounded by bathing basins and private bathing cubicles. The attendant will bathe you at one of the basins, and then you’ll lie on the marble platform to let your body perspire. You will then move again to the basins and the attendant will wash you there. 

Then comes the part where you will be vigorously scrubbed with an exfoliating glove, presenting you with a lifetimes worth of dead skin. 

So last week my sister and I went into princess-y mode. We made a reservation at Hammam for the Royal Couple Hammam package. 

Both of us arrived early, so we went for a manicure at Chic Nail Spa.



Did you notice that my middle finger is bengkok? haha...

See!!! Dunno why la... so kesian right? 

We finished the manicure just in time for our spa reservation time. So we quickly went up to the top floor, where the spa is. 


The manager was waiting for us at the entrance when we reached there. He explained a little bit about the treatments we were going to do, and suggested that we did the My Favourite Concubine Hammam instead. I guessed they were short of time. Since its difference from Royal Couple Hammam is only the Atlantic Sea Salt Bath, we agreed to change it. Moreover, he offered it for a cheaper price, RM65 lesser than the published price. OK je lah.


He also explained on packages etc. In the end, we were sold. I bought 10 sessions of My Favourite Concubine Hammam. hohoho...

This door leads to the spa. Let's go inside!



The spa has a beautiful Middle Eastern setting. They claimed to be the traditional Moroccan spa. Not sure about that, because from what I know, hamam is Turkish. Whatever lah. 


The treatment was almost the same as what I experienced in Turkey. The difference here, I was stripped to only panties in Istanbul but in Hammam, they provided disposable panties and bikini cloth to cover yourselves. Other than that, the hot marble, the basins, the bath, the scrub, almost the same. The scrub was totally awesome man. Seeing the rubber like dead skin scrubbed off my body, I felt super clean after that. hahahaha... 


In between treatments, we were ushered to rest here and were served baklava and tea. Nice! 

Then finally we were given aromatic massage. I loved it. Not too hard, and not too soft either.

Ahhh.. such good life. I wanna be a tai tai, can ah? 

I just came back from doing my Open Water Diving course. Yeah baby, I am a certified scuba diver now. Woohoo!!! So gonna go to Hammam again soon. I need to get rid of my dead skin from the sunburn.


MizArWeN said...

What if a Bruneian go to Indonesia? I will be a billionaire there!!! Kiki. I want to go that spa. Looking masjetically, reli!

rara said...

hai arwen.. best kan if go to indonesia? :D anyway, i'm sure in brunei there's a lot of spa like that. :)