May 9, 2011


That was how many stairs I climbed last Saturday night!

I conquered the stairs of KL Tower yo!

I had the experience of walking down the stairs from level 35 of Petronas Twin Towers thanks to a fire drill. It was fun. hahaha... okay okay I am not crazy la. My knees wobbled for days after that. It was fun because I walked down with my crush, Mr. VP. *shy* hahahaha... Chickpeas shut up I know you guys are laughing now. I resigned a few days after that so I never had the chance to walk up the stairs of the tower with him.

So when I heard about the race to climb the stairs of KL Tower, I decided that I must join it. It was a rare opportunity. Unless you're a worker, I don't think the tower's management will let anyone use the stairs. I wanted to join last year's event but it clashed with my trip to Western Australia. So I was all excited to join this year's event.

But as usual I didn't do proper training. Haven't hit the gym for weeks. On the day of the race, I went karaoke-ing and pigging out in Pavilion, hanging out with my friends the whole day, then met my sister at KLCC and we went for a quick shopping at the newly opened Uniqlo.

Changed to my running outfit in the washroom and off we drove to KL Tower at almost 9pm.

Our race category was supposed to be flagged off at 9.30pm. I thought we arrived just in time for it but due to the timing gap between each category, we started it a bit later. The organizer flagged us off group by group to ensure our safety. Imagine having too many people running up the narrow stairs all at once. Mati lemas semua orang.

Even so, I was suffocating as I climbed up. It was so hot in there.

I climbed steadily, trailing the crowd until the 12th floor. But after that, I couldn't tahan anymore. I felt like I could pass out anytime. One thing for sure, I won't give up. So I just climbed slowly, stopped at every water station to take a rest and breathe properly.

On my way up, my mind was telling me, that's it! This is gonna be the first and the last. I will never ever participate again next year.

But as soon as I saw this,

I sped up my climb.

So proud of myself I made it to the finishing line though my time was very bad. Finished the climb in 1:06:17. I looked at the overall result and I was placed 454 out of 511 participants in my category. Damn it! The winner clocked in 00:14:35. Seriously, did she fly?

After we finished the climb, everyone must make their way down through the lift.

But it was sooo crowded!

So I wasted no time and circled the observation deck. Free entrance to KL Tower maa.

I wasn't satisfied with my timing. So yeah... I am gonna participate again next year.


Axiao said...

oh, u resigned. best wishes to ur future. guess im seeing u in running events lo. :)

rara said...

leng lui, u misread la. i'm still your companymate.. hehe.. before i come to the current co, i worked at petronas twin towers la..